OpenText EDM system for GTB


Gazprom Transgaz Belarus (GTB)


  • Design an electronic document management (EDM) system using SAP SE and OpenText software in plant maintenance (PM) for centralized storage of documents in the electronic archive
  • Increase transparency and controllability of the maintenance processes
  • Create a convenient and powerful search tool with a faster access to information.


Using the ASAP and AGILE methodologies, IBA Group implemented the following functions of the system:

  • Management of PM documents in work areas
  • Search for PM documents
  • Scan of PM documents
  • Management of an electronic archive of PM documents
  • Information and data analysis.

Project Results

IBA Group launched the equipment maintenance and repair EDM system in commercial operation in 17 branches and the administrative office simultaneously and in accordance with the terms stipulated in the project plan. Today, 200 users work with the system and it is planned to grow the network up to 800 users.

Based on SAP and OpenText, the project provided for a fivefold reduction of the information search time and a simplification of its relevance monitoring procedure. The equipment maintenance documentation is updated in a timely manner, which results in a 4% increase of the reliability and safety of technical facilities for gas transportation and storage.

IBA Group organized user support based on SAP Solution Manager (Incident Management).

In 2016, the SAP project that IBA Group implemented in cooperation with Gazprom Transgaz Belarus won the bronze of the annual contest SAP Quality Awards in the Fast Delivery Category among CIS companies.

Plans for Development

  • Further digitization of customer workflow processes
  • Upgrade to OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions 16.
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