SAP System for Gazprom Transgaz Belarus


Gazprom Transgaz Belarus (GTB)

Project Overview

IBA Group successfully completed a project on the creation and implementation of an information management system for Gazprom Transgaz Belarus (GTB).

IBA Group created a comprehensive solution based on SAP HANA, a modern high–performance platform that combines analytical tools, means of transaction processing, and large amounts of data (ERP and BI). The system was launched simultaneously in all seventeen branches and the administrative office of Gazprom Transgaz Belarus.

Project Execution

From 2013 to 2015, IBA Group created and implemented the enterprise information management system based on SAP ECC 6.0. The system was created based on the following SAP software:

  • ERP Central Component (SAP ECC 6.0)
  • BI — Business Intelligence
  • PI — Process Integration
  • ВО — BusinessObjects
  • MDM — Master Data Management
  • SM — Solution Manager

In 2014, the system was launched in compliance with the project calendar schedule. According to the requirements specification, the following business processes of our customer were automated:

  • Accounting and tax records
  • Management accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Logistics (procurement, sales and distribution, warehouse operations)
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • Capital construction accounting
  • Organizational management and personnel administration.

In 2015, IBA Group automated payroll as well as production and economic planning of Gazprom Transgaz Belarus.

User support was organized based on SAP Solution Manager (Incident Management).

The IBA Group team included more than 100 SAP consultants and developers.

While implementing the project, IBA Group used up–to–date methodologies of SAP product implementation, namely ASAP (Accelerated SAP) and AGILE (Agile Software Development). In addition, IBA Group used advanced technologies of project procedures management and subsystem functionality testing.

IBA Group provided support services through Service Desk, carried out the central system administration using SAP Solution Manager, and created operating user manuals and training courses. IBA Group also held an interactive training of end users via RWD uPerform for SAP.

Project Results

In August 2015, the information management system was successfully accepted for commercial operation. Gazprom Transgaz Belarus received the system that allows for obtaining trustworthy, complete, and timely information about the activity of all departments of the company. The unified information environment enables our customer to increase the efficiency of real–time analysis and enterprise activity planning, to optimize the turnover of stock and monetary assets, to reduce operating costs for maintenance and repair, as well as for administrative and management personnel, and to enhance investment attractiveness.

Customer View:

Pavel Voytov, Chief Technology Officer at Gazprom Transgaz Belarus, said: “IBA Group completed the project on the implementation of a prototype–based information management system for Gazprom Transgaz Belarus (GTB). On a tight schedule, the IBA PM (Plant Maintenance) team automated the main business processes of equipment maintenance and repair based on the standard SAP PM functionality. As a result, GTB is able to:

  • Maintain a database of all GTB equipment while ensuring data consistency and reliability. The hierarchical structures of functional locations and equipment items enabled the users to plan and manage PM events efficiently. The units for repair are structured and classified in line with the requirements of Gazprom.
  • Optimize the timing of work execution using planned orders and taking into account possible adjustments
  • Carry out the analysis of planned and actual costs for in–house and third party work, materials, and services
  • Automate a set of PM regulatory reporting forms.

IBA provided training for more than 2,000 employees of GTB, thus we were able to launch the PM module in commercial operation in the shortest possible time throughout all 17 departments and administrative office of Gazprom Transgaz Belarus. IBA showed profound expertise, competent approach to project management, and strong support at all stages of the project.”

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