In 2015, IBA Group prepared the 2014 CSR report and submitted it for external audit. In 2017, IBA Group updated the CSR report to include the results for 2015 — 2016. The external audit was based on the following standards and criteria:

  • United Nations Global Compact
  • ISO 26000
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and AA1000.

The identified material aspects for this IBA Group’s CSR report are economic performance, market presence, indirect economic impact, energy, effluents and waste, products and services, overall, environmental grievance mechanisms, employment, occupation health and safety, training and education, labor practices grievance mechanisms, human rights grievance mechanisms, and product and service labeling. The CSR report covers the categories Social (sub-categories Society, Human Rights, and Product Responsibilities), Environmental, and Economic.

This report contains Standard Disclosures from the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. The following is the list of the Standard Disclosures and their locations in the IBA Group’s CSR report.

General Standard DisclosuresDescriptionPage
G4-1 Strategy and analysis 1-2
G4-3 to G4-9, G4-13 Organizational profile  2-4
G4-16 Commitment to external initiative  4
G4-17 to G4-19 Identified material aspects and boundaries  4-5
G4-24 to G4-26 Stakeholder engagement  5
G4-28, G4-30 to G4-31 Report profile  6
G4-32 GRI Content Index  6-7, 33
G4-33 Assurance  7
G4-34, G4-38 Governance  8-9
G4-42 Highest governance body’s role in setting purpose, values, and strategy  9
G4-43 Highest governance body’s competencies and performance evaluation  9
G4-47 Highest governance body’s role in risk management  9-10
G4-49 to G4-50 Highest governance body’s role in evaluating economic, environmental and social performance  10-11
G4-56 to G4-58 Ethics and Integrity  11-13
G4-DMA Generic Disclosures on management approach  13-15
G4-EC1, G4-EC4 Aspect: economic performance  15
G4-EC5 Aspect: market presence  15
G4-EC7 to G4-EC8 Aspect: indirect economic impact  15-16
G4-EN3 Aspect: energy  16
G4-EN23 Aspect: effluents and waste  16
G4-EN27 Aspect: products and services  17
G4-EN31 Aspect: overall  17
G4-EN34 Aspect: Environmental grievance mechanisms  18
G4-LA1 to G4-LA3 Aspect: employment  18-21
G4-LA6 Aspect: occupation health and safety  21
G4-LA10 Aspect: training and education  21-23
G4-LA13 Aspect: equal remuneration for women and men  23
G4-LA16 Aspect: labor practices grievance mechanisms  23-24
G4-HR12 Aspect: human rights grievance mechanisms  24-31
PR5 Aspect: product and service labeling  31-32

The report was registered in the Sustainability Disclosure Database

The certificate confirming that IBA Group has successfully passed the evaluation by an independent authority: 

IBA Group CSR Evaluation Certificate

See the IBA Group Report on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for 2014-2016

The IBA Group's dedication to CSR allows for maintaining a high level of employee commitment, client loyalty, and confidence in the future.

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