Business Process Management Projects for IT Giant

Document Management System for Small Business

Industry: Manufacturing

Platform: Cordys Process Factory

Challenge: Modify legacy document management system at small–scale manufacturing company, adding business support procedures. Customer did not want to support its own IT infrastructure.

Solution: IBA proposed several cloud–based solutions and customer opted for Cordys Process Factory as platform for system development. Development was conducted using Agile Scrum methodology.

IBA responsibilities

  • System analysis
  • Design of user interface
  • Design of business processes
  • Development of web services
  • System testing
  • Customer training.

Result: Short development time, reduced maintenance costs, and increased operational effectiveness of IT system.

New system features:

  • Support of customer's document management
  • Simplified business processes
  • Reduced costs of administration and support

Flexibility of usage on both desktop and mobile devices.

Issue Resolution Audit

Industry Healthcare/Insurance

Platform Bonita Open Solution

Challenge: At large–scale healthcare company, audit effectiveness of resolving issues that are brought to attention via phone calls by clients and providers. Achieve cost savings in development & support. Integrate solution in existing customer's website.

Solution: Use Bonita Open Solution with custom HTML/JavaScript frontend. Implement in cooperation with customer and external BPMN experts to guarantee high quality of business process development.

IBA responsibilities

  • Requirements analysis
  • Frontend design
  • Development of business processes
  • Testing and deployment.

Result: Improved audit processes. Cost savings in development and support. Customer considers using this approach as strategic direction for its IT automation.

Contracting and Commercial Operations

Industry Transport logistics

Platform IBM Business Process Manager

Challenge: Automate business processes at railway transportation company that employs 140,000+ employees and manages 80,000+ cars.

Business processes

  • Placement, processing, and monitoring of freight orders
  • Accounting for each type of freight operations
  • Completing of freight documents and generation of reports
  • Request, creation, negotiation, signing, and termination of contracts
  • Certification and registration of clients.

Solution: IBA provided solution based on SOA/BPM approach.

  • Implement SOA using IBM WebSphere software products, including Process Server
  • Build role–based user authorization with repositories of external users and customer's employees
  • Implement legal electronic digital signature
  • Provide interaction with other information systems of the customer and other freight forwarders
  • Implement data exchange by means of web services, file exchange and replications.

Result: Improved cargo and document management. Customer considers using this approach as strategic direction for its IT automation.

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