Enhancement of Online Learning System




Grace Hill (US), a leading provider of online education in the multifamily apartment housing industry.

Project Overview

The project was launched in April, 2015. The customer had a learning platform with the following advanced features:

  • Branding and configuration
  • Customized learning tracks
  • Ongoing training
  • Leaderboards and social
  • All inclusive calendars
  • Custom content creation
  • Integration and single sign-on.

The learning management system (LMS) enables users to build their own courses, transform webinars into teaching content, select learning objects tailored for each individual, and track engagement through course completion.


Operating Systems                    Windows family, Mac OS
Databases           MySQL
Software & Tools used                 RubyMine, MySQL
Programming languages      Ruby, JavaScript
Hardware       Amazon S3

Project Execution

The goal of the project is to replatform the existing LMS from ColdFusion to Ruby / Ruby on Rails and extend its functionality using advanced learning science principles. The new features include employee retention tools, onboarding, leaderboards, social engagement, budgeting, buy-in, and training and assessment tools.

IBA renders the following services:

  • Design & development of the LMS application
  • Design & development of a data migration tool
  • Revision of DB structure
  • Functional and non-functional testing of the LMS application and content
  • Design, implementation, execution, analysis, and control
  • Manual and automated testing (Selenium WebDriver)
  • Preparation and maintaining of documents
  • Problem and error analysis
  • Bug fixing
  • Data migration
  • Application support.

Project results

The newly developed LMS demonstrated high performance and stability, resulting in end user satisfaction. The customer received an up-to-date platform for dynamic work distribution and intelligent management.  The system is user-friendly and combines an industry-leading LMS with best-in-class professional skills and compliance training courseware in one powerful customizable platform.




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