Online Repository of Client Documents


BPS–Sberbank, Belarus

Project Overview

The Online Repository of Client Documents is designed to automate document management at BPS-Sberbank. The system allowed for increasing the efficiency of bank divisions through a significant reduction of time spent on receiving, collecting, and processing the information.

The system is aimed at automating the processes of archiving and storage of the documents that make up the clients' banking history, including the following:

  • Loans for individuals
  • Loans for legal entities
  • Settlement and cash transactions.

Project Execution

To create the online repository of client documents, IBA Group used IBM FileNet as a platform.

The project included creation of a single information space for file registration, document accounting, and control of document receipt and flow, as well as access rules and search.

The system enables the users to carry out the following operations:

  • Register creation of a file / document
  • Create and store documents in digital format
  • Search files
  • Control the flow of electronic documents at all stages from creation to archiving
  • Authorize access to electronic documents
  • Log file requests
  • Log and retrieve statistics of the performed operations
  • Launch the procedures of transfer and/or deletion of archival records from the database.

To obtain information about the contracts on banking products, the system interacts with other information systems of the bank, namely the Siebel CRM and the IBSO.

Project Results

The system developed by IBA for BPS–Sberbank has improved the efficiency and manageability of the bank's document management process, while reducing the cost of business processes. The enhanced level of security and integrity of information resources of the bank result in higher performance and contribute to grounded decision–making in a complex and ever changing environment.

Alexander Shnek, Deputy Chairman of the BPS–Sberbank Board, said: “IBA performed the project with high quality and within the schedule. BPS–Sberbank management expresses gratitude to IBA specialists for their highly professional approach in problem solution, their commitment, and responsibility in meeting all contract obligations. BPS–Sberbank looks forward to further cooperation."

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