Foreign Currency Transactions Repository


BelVEB Bank, Belarus

Project Overview

The system is designed to create an electronic repository of documents on transactions made by customers of the bank in which the bank acts as an agent of currency control.

The system is used to track, manage, and store documents provided by customers of the bank using Client–Bank system.

The system is capable of keeping a record of various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking).

Project Execution

  • Creation of the repository for documents on customer's transactions in electronic form. IBM FileNet platform was chosen as a basis for development.
  • Automation of the process of creating documents in electronic form
  • Development of a graphical user interface for working with document repository
  • (Web forms enable the user to view / create / edit documents and folders)
  • Integration of the document repository (FileNet) with the accounting system of the bank (Equation) using web services (SOAP)
  • Integration of the document repository (FileNet) with Client–Bank system using web services (SOAP).

Project Results

The project was implemented on time and on schedule. The system works on production servers. The customer received the following benefits:

  • All documents related to the control of foreign currency transactions are stored in a structured form
  • User can easily and quickly find the document
  • Time savings for bank employees involved in the control of foreign currency transactions as a result of the optimized work with documents.

Customer View

The Automated Document Repository System to Control Foreign Currency Transactions was a pilot project. The Bank is planning to automate other document–oriented business processes using IBM FileNet platform, including

  • Loans for businesses and individuals
  • Settlement and cash transactions.
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