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GE is one of the largest companies in the world. Moneta Money Bank is the new name for GE Money Bank that is one of the largest financial institutions in the Czech Republic. The GE's Czech affiliate boasts one of the widest networks of branches and ATMs and provides services to citizens, small–scale, and medium–size enterprises.

Project Overview

Liferay portlet development

The customer needed to upgrade the existing solution of the bank's loyalty program and make it available for mobile devices. As a market leader in portal solutions, IBA CZ was in charge of the whole front–end part (portlet development) on Liferay. The loyalty portal is built on Liferay technology that was previously deployed in the customer's environment.

The project was aimed at delivering a solution that functions as an integration platform with a view to its future expansion.

Fully responsive website

IBA CZ created a modern, fully responsive loyalty portal that offers an opportunity to get a number of benefits and discounts for the Money (GE) Money Bank clients. The portal allows for using a device of any type including PC, tablet, and smartphone.

Project Implementation

Mobile website or mobile application?

The customer has received a fully functional loyalty portal that was launched alongside with a marketing campaign. Right after the completion of the project, an identical functionality was implemented within the mobile application. However, the website traffic and the usage of the web–based version were higher than in case of the mobile application.

In addition, the project included cooperation with a digital agency that was responsible for website design. To create an attractive design, pixels were literally introduced to the portal environment one by one.

Project Results

Deadline as a challenge? Done!

The greatest success of the project is that IBA CZ managed to implement it in strict accordance with the tight schedule. In addition to the integration of the portal with the customer's internal systems, it was required to tune and test the portal with all possible (but not the only) mobile devices. As a result, further cooperation of IBA CZ and GE on even more significant projects proves that our customer is satisfied with our services.

Client View

Commenting on the quality of IBA CZ's services, Libor Šnobl, Portal Department Manager at Moneta (GE) Money Bank, says: “We were very satisfied with the delivery of the project and its results. We appreciate the high quality of project management and high level of technical competence at IBA CZ that exceeded the service that we were used to from our previous providers."

IBA CZ creates fully responsive loyalty portal for major financial institution of the Czech Republic IBA CZ creates fully responsive loyalty portal for GE Money Bank

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