Workflow Automation at Idea Bank




Idea Bank, Belarus (former Sombelbank)

Project Overview

The aim of the project is to create and implement an electronic document management (EDM) system for a Belarusian bank. The system automates the customer's workflow and provides a possibility to work with documents remotely. IBA Minsk implemented the project based on the IBA's proprietary product Chancellor.

Project History

  • In 2009, IBA implemented the EDM system based on Chancellor 4.0
  • In 2011, IBA upgraded the system using Chancellor 5.1
  • In 2013, IBA introduced additional Chancellor applications and enhanced the EDM system in line with the bank's needs
  • In 2016, IBA IT Park performed the integration of the bank's EDM system with the interdepartmental system of electronic document management of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

Project Results

The updated Idea Bank's EDM system features a full–fledged web interface and integration with a website content management system. The upgrade of the system resulted in enhanced functionality and improved design and usability of the system.

Web access allows for working with documents remotely via a notebook or a tablet computer. The customer leveraged this feature to address the issues related to the bank's operation management and performance.

Currently, IBA Group provides the services on system maintenance.

Customer View

Tatiana Danilenko, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Idea Bank, sent IBA a reference to thank for the implemented project. In her letter, she said: “In 2009, IBA implemented at Idea Bank an electronic document management (EDM) system based on Chancellor. Since then, IBA has introduced additional Chancellor applications, enhanced the EDM system in line with the bank's needs, and provided support for the system. We express our thanks for the IBA's comprehensive approach to problem solving, fair observance of contractual obligations, self–discipline, and speedy technical support of the EDM system.”

In his letter, Mikhail Lavrov, Head of Automation Department, said: “We express our gratitude to IBA Group for your highly professional approach to problem solving, fair observance of contractual obligations, and well-organized and efficient maintenance of the EDM system.”

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