JIRA Deployment in Komerční Pojištovna




Komerční pojišťovna (KP) is a universal insurance company that specializes in the provision of life and non-life insurance services across the EU. KP is a member of the Komerční banka and Société Générale Groups of companies.

Project Overview

Challenge: Technology unification and upgrade.
KP required an upgrade of a tool that would manage change requests in IT and replace the products that have been used before with a unified environment.


  • Upgrade of legacy tools and simplification of business processes
  • JIRA, a robust ticketing system
  • Analysis of software development and change requests registration.

Project Execution

IBA CZ Solution: JIRA robust ticketing system.
Based on an initial analysis of the requirements and processes, IBA CZ confirmed the customer's suggestion that JIRA is the best suitable system. The system is an up–to–date tool and allows for unifying the processes that were managed by multiple tools into a single environment. These processes were properly reflected in the JIRA application. The application was tailored in line with the requirements of developers, testers, analysts, project managers, and IT support.

The project was implemented in three stages. The first stage was divided into several iterations. In cooperation with the customer, IBA CZ step by step analyzed the requirements to individual agendas.

Afterwards, IBA CZ created a prototype that was demonstrated in the next iteration, and modified and refined the solution, following the customer's feedback. The three iterations of approximately ten days each resulted in a preliminary solution.

At the second stage of the project, the pre–final solution was tested by the customer who made suggestions for improvement. During the second stage, these comments were put into practice and the final solution was created.

The third stage included the transfer of the final version from the testing to production environment, creation of documentation, and holding of training sessions for about 35 users.

Project Results

Customized solution: plugin development and process customization.
In the first iteration, due to the settled practice and past experience of the customer, KP refused from the method of using JIRA, which was recommended by the supplier.

To handle the situation, IBA CZ applied the relevant adaptation of processes in JIRA and developed a customized plugin. IBA CZ used the incremental approach, thus during the implementation of the solution all ambiguities and issues were eliminated and the project was accepted straight out. The use of the JIRA tool enabled the customer to upgrade the legacy tool and to streamline the process.

Client View:

Commenting on the results of the project, Jiří Koutník, Director of Project Management and Information Technology at Komerční Pojišťovna, said: “At first we were not quite sure how to use the JIRA application. I am happy that IBA CZ convinced us in the suitability of this choice and also customized the processes and the entire solution to our needs.”

IBA CZ Solution: JIRA robust ticketing system IBA CZ Solution: JIRA robust ticketing system for Komerční Pojišťovna

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