Software Development and Support for Insurance Company




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Project Overview

The project is designed to provide software development and support for a major supplier of software products and consultancy services in the insurance industry. The project includes:

  • Development of a number of subsystems for a system that manages accounts of insurance agents (design and implementation)
  • Implementation of Change Requests (development of new features, modification of existing features)
  • Analysis of customer business requirements and development of technical specifications
  • Verification of the newly developed software
  • Designing and documenting of test cases
  • Detection of bugs, failures to meet specifications, and possible problems
  • Elimination of detected flaws
  • Refactoring: redevelopment of specific subsystems to improve code quality, system reliability, and reduce support expenses without changing the functionality.

The basic components of the insurance system are:

  • Systems to manage accounts of insurance agents
  • Subsystem to configure contracts between the insurance company and its agents
  • Subsystem to calculate financial flows between the insurance company and its agents based on the available contracts and financial results
  • System to manage insurance products.

The documents to be developed are:

  • Specifications
  • Test cases
  • Description of source code.

Project Execution

The project is ongoing, IBA being a subcontractor. A cascade model is used for the project lifecycle. The IBA team is working jointly with customer developers. IBA has been involved in all project activities, including:

  • Analysis of functional logic
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Architecture design and development of new modules
  • Functional and automatic testing.

The development was performed both in the IBA and customer intranets. Specific stages were implemented at the customer site (analysis of business requirements, planning). Training was organized both at the client and IBA sites. The training aimed at the transfer of knowledge related to the customer business area and the earlier developed system components.


Operating systems: Windows, z/OS

Programming languages: C++, Java

Databases: DB2

Development tools: RAD, Visual C++, WSAD

Application server: WAS

Technologies: EJB, Java EE, JSP, Servlets

Project Results

In the course of project execution, the IBA team became an integral part of the client team.

The projected subsystems were developed and are currently at the maintenance and support stage. The customer speaks highly of the IBA flexibility, exposure to conversation, and aspiration for self–improvement.

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