Electronic Document Management System for VTB Bank




VTB Bank Belarus, a member of VTB Group.

Project Overview

The project is designed to create an automated Electronic Document Management (EDM) system using the IBA's proprietary product Chancellor.

The project aims to:

  • Automate workflow management and archival storage
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Improve document management efficiency
  • Speed up cross–departmental workflow
  • Improve performance discipline.

Project Execution

IBA Minsk implemented the system based on specific business processes and requirements of the customer. The Chancellor package for VTB Bank includes the following applications:

  • Workflow
  • Archiving
  • Contracts
  • Scan streaming
  • Stamped letterheads
  • Electronic digital signature.

The system was successfully launched at the bank's head office and six other geographically distributed offices. Meeting the bank's needs, IBA modified the functionality of the system and introduced additional applications.

As requested by the customer, IBA developed special report forms intended for document execution management. In addition, electronic digital signature was implemented.

In his letter to thank IBA for the Chancellor installation, implementation, and tailoring, Vladimir Ivanov, Chairman of the Board of VTB Bank Belarus, said: “The IBA specialists have taken a highly professional approach to solving of the assigned tasks and demonstrated a fair observance of all contractual obligations.”

In 2013, IBA Minsk upgraded the customer's EDM system to the sixth version of Chancellor and performed the system's modification in accordance with the needs of the bank.

In 2016, carried out the integration of the bank’s EDM system with the interdepartmental system of electronic document management of the Government of the Republic of Belarus.

Project Results

VTB bank received an efficient automated system of electronic document management, which raised the customer's management effectiveness and improved interoperation of remote offices.

Irina Semenova, Director at Department of Banking and Information Technologies of VTB Bank, provided the following reference about the project: “In 2008, IBA implemented an electronic document management (EDM) system based on Chancellor at VTB Bank. Since then, IBA has introduced additional Chancellor applications, enhanced the EDM system in line with the bank's needs, and provided support for the system. IBA upgraded the bank's EDM system in high quality and with fair observance of contractual obligations. We express special gratitude for the IBA's comprehensive approach to problem solving, dynamic response to inquiries of the bank, and professional integrity.”

In his letter, Yury Kazak, Director of Department for Banking and Information Technologies, said: “We express our gratitude to IBA IT Park for responsible approach to the tasks, commitment, dynamic response to the inquiries of the bank, and high-end professional and engineering performance.”

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