Central Data Warehouse of Customs Information


Minsk Central Customs Office



Project Overview

The project was designed to create a central data warehouse of customs information. Initially, a feasibility study was conducted and a prototype was developed using the real size of the data warehouse. Business Objects was selected as the information analysis platform and a base for a full–fledged data warehouse. The system was successfully launched in commercial operation.


The system consists of a warehouse database, data delivery tools that transfer data from operating systems to the warehouse (ETL processes implemented using BusinessObjects Data Integrator), and a subsystem of analytical reporting based on BusinessObjects.

The warehouse database contains detailed information for a required time period. The information serves as a source of integrated data for data showcases.

The data showcases contain information used for the analysis of individual activities and serve as a basis for analytical reports built in user–familiar terms.

The system allows for retrieving highly detailed information about foreign economic activity. It provides strict delimitation of user access rights and high–level user administration.

Addition of new features does not involve radical code changes and is performed by the customer's staff.

Interaction with information systems of other organizations is based on open standards of data exchange and structuring.

The system provides the following features:

  • Import of data from heterogeneous operating databases and other external sources
  • Integration and accumulation of historic data
  • Storing of data in special data showcases with efficient access
  • Provision of acceptable response time for non–regular user requests
  • Retrieval of information through different applications in different perspectives and in terms that are well–familiar to the end user.

Utilizing the system, it is possible to:

  • Analyze information in different perspectives based on various criteria
  • Retrieve reference information using specific criteria and a set of complex search criteria
  • Conduct detailed analysis using the method “from the general to the specific” based on the criteria that contain hierarchies
  • Produce results in spreadsheets or diagrams
  • Export the results to Microsoft Office
  • Print a report
  • Change the report layout.

The system is developed using SAP BusinessObjects. It uses industrial tools to retrieve, transform, clear, and load detailed data from heterogeneous sources of BusinessObjects Integrator.

Project Execution

The customer formed a group of experts who closely cooperated with IBA Group. IBA Group supplied Business Objects and provided technical support.

The project started with a feasibility study and a subsequent development of a prototype. The project included development, implementation, enhancement, and maintenance of the central data warehouse of customs information. Implemented in the course of five years, the project was successfully completed.

The primary purpose of the project was to improve quality characteristics of the end user performance when processing customs data, preparing information for legal entities and government bodies, and analyzing foreign economic activities based on operational information of the customs.

The following characteristics have been improved:

  • Targeting of analytical reports to specific user groups or users
  • Information quality
  • Efficiency
  • Response time
  • Re–usability of reports
  • Preparation of preliminary regulatory reports
  • Usability of user interface
  • Visualization of reports
  • Quicker report generation from the enquiry to the result.

Solutions Used

  • SAP BusinessObjects XI Data Integrator Starter
  • SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Professional
  • SAP BusinessObjects XI Desktop Intelligence
  • Business Objects XI Web Intelligence.

Project Results

Our customer received a unified information system intended for processing and provision of information in the following areas:

  • Customs clearance of goods and vehicles
  • Statistics of foreign trade of the Republic of Belarus
  • Customs clearance payments.

The Customs Office has simplified the procedure of data provision to other organizations and government bodies. The analytical reporting has become not only more transparent and usable but also manageable.

Customer View

Vyacheslav Dutov, Deputy Head of Minsk Central Customs Office, says: “Our work involves creation of various reports. Previously, it took several hours to process a request of report generation, which strongly slowed down all dependent processes. Thanks to SAP BusinessObjects, the same requests are processed in a few minutes, which is hundreds of times faster. ”

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