E-Tax System for Ministry of Taxes and Duties


Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus


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Project Overview

The challenge of the project was to build an e–tax system for the Belarusian Ministry of Taxes and Duties using advanced information technologies,

The E-Tax system is designed to provide a centralized accounting of taxes and duties, automate interaction between taxpayers and taxation bodies, as well as between taxation bodies and other state governing bodies and organizations. The system involves the use of digital signature, cryptographic tools, and other up-to-date technologies.

Project Execution

Within the project, IBA Group developed the following:

  • System of tax calculation and accounting to automate operations of all tax offices of Belarus
  • Information analysis system
  • Electronic declaration system
  • Web portal of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties supporting up to 10,000 concurrent users (tax payers).

E-Tax is integrated with the consolidated Income Tax System and with the State Register of Taxpayers of Belarus.


Programming languages: Java

Technologies: SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 10 (SLES) 64-bit, Oracle Database 11.1 (Linux 64-bit), Apache Derby 10.3, Apache HTTP Server 2.2.8, Apache Tomcat 6, Java 1.6, Eclipse SDK 3.7.1, Avest CSP v5.1.0.627, Авест AvJCEProv 1.0.7, Oracle BI Standard Edition One 11g.

Project Results

  • Simplified preparation of tax statements by taxpayers
  • Minimization of human errors in the information provided by taxpayers
  • Increased efficiency of taxation bodies
  • Possibility to analyze tax information at the national and regional levels
  • Increased security of sensitive data.

To date, more than 2,000,000 tax payers, including legal entities and individuals use the system.

Customer View

Sergei Nalivaiko, Minister of Taxes and Duties, sent IBA Group a letter to express the customer's gratitude for the implemented project: “Since June 2008, IBA Group specialists have been working on the creation and modification of a national automated tax collection system. The centralized tax collection system that was developed within the Special State Program of the Republic of Belarus provides tax rate calculation, electronic declaration, tax accounting, and business analytics functions. In addition, the system incorporates a web portal of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties. All subsystems of the tax collection system were put into operation. The new system provides centralized tax accounting and performs interaction with tax payers and state governing bodies through electronic document management. IBA Group has been executing all obligations under the contracts, meeting the requirements of the technical specifications. Currently, IBA specialists are maintaining and modifying the system to meet recent changes in the tax laws and different normative acts. When working on the tax collection system, IBA Group demonstrated high proficiency, responsibility, and competence. We also appreciate their efficient consulting support and look forward to further beneficial cooperation. ”

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