IBA Group is leveraging its many-year experience in digital banking, corporate and retail banking, analytics, IT infrastructure management, and custom development to provide advanced services and solutions to banking and insurance customers.

Digital Banking

IBA Mobile & Internet Banking

The IBA Group’s internet and mobile banking solutions are functioning in numerous banks. The online and mobile banking solutions provide the following functions.

  • Safe banking transactions on internet or mobile
  • Money transfers between accounts
  • Currency exchange
  • Balance statements
  • Transaction history
  • Transaction templates
  • Blocking/unblocking of accounts
  • SMS/email/social network notifications.

In addition, IBA Group provides services in the automation of front, middle, and back bank office, active and passive portfolio management, and liquidity, funding, risk, cash flow, and asset management.

Mobile Clients

IBA Group has extensive expertise in mobile development, including a Smart Banking Application and a Common Mobile Client that support popular mobile platforms and hide complexity of different core systems. The solutions are used in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and other African countries.

IBA Group upgraded a bank's loyalty solution, making it available to mobile users.

Enterprise Portals

IBA Group develops enterprise portals using IBM WebSphere Portal and Liferay technologies. A corporate portal at the largest bank in Belarus with 500,000+ active visitors, up to 300,000 logins per day, and 40 successful payments per second in peak hours is an example of a portal solution.

EAM Solution

Built on IBM Maximo, the IBA EAM Solution is designed for management of different enterprise assets. The solution comes with IBA geoMarker that provides map visualization for remote assets.

Bank Clerk Robotic Process Automation

IBA Group implemented the solution at the request of a South African bank. The basic functions include the following.

  • Digitization and intelligent recognition of texts in paper documents
  • Automated input of data
  • Comprehensiveness and consistency check
  • Validation
  • Cognitive technologies and machine learning.

Automation of Bank Clerk’s Operations

The solution that automates everyday work of a bank clerk was deployed at 750 branches in South Africa and Namibia.

Corporate & Investment Banking

IBA Group expanded functionality and improved performance of the Business Online solution to meet business requirements of the Corporate & Investment Banking division of a leading South African bank.

 Retail Banking

IBA Group has a two-decade experience in the banking area. The company began as a software developer and hardware distributor, and proceeded as a value-add reseller and eventually as a producer of proprietary self-service devices with related software. 


Currency exchange terminal IBA Payment Terminal

IBA holds 85 percent of the Belarusian market of payment terminals. IBA solutions are also functioning in Russia, Kazakhstan, and other CIS countries.

The retail banking networks supplied by IBA Group are based on the IBA Payment System. The IBA Payment System connects self–service terminals with the IBA Payment/ Mobile Banking / Internet Banking Server and the bank’s processing center.

Corporate Banking

The IBA Group’s solutions for corporate clients include enterprise content management (ECM), business process (BPM), and customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

Online Repository of Client Documents

Unified Credit Process

Application that manages unified credit process at Czech Credit Bank. Architecture and specifications for unified loan application. Integration in bank’s processes (IBM FileNet P8).

ECM and Electronic Document Management

Based on IBM FileNet, IBM Notes & Domino, and open source

IBA Group has summarized its EDM/ECM experience accumulated since 1998 in the proprietary IBA solution Chancellor. Using this solution, IBA Group automates business processes in organizations of all industries, including banks.

Oracle Siebel CRM

Oracle Siebel CRM is the world's most complete CRM solution that helps organizations achieve maximum top and bottom line growth, as well as deliver great customer experiences across all channels.


  • Simplifies the process of tracking thousands of products across multiple catalogs and systems
  • Helps deliver quicker, better, and more efficient customer service
  • Delivers solutions for development, deployment, diagnostics, integration, performance, and mobile services.


  • Front office: sales, marketing, tech support, and relation management
  • Back office: analytics, and order and HR management
  • Integration with customer apps, databases, and UIs.

Electronic Document Management System for VTB Bank

Workflow Automation at Idea Bank

IBA Group implemented a multitude of custom development projects in the financial sector, including those related to maintenance and migration. The entire software development process is supported by the CMMI Level 4 methodology and relevant ISO certificates.

IBM Notes & Domino to Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint Server Migration

Automatic Teller Application Maintenance


IBA Group provides business analytics solutions based on proven platforms from recognized world leaders, including IBM, SAP, Oracle, Tableau, Qlik, Informatica, and Pentaho. Using actual data from the bank’s operation, a bank executive can gain an insight of what is going on and to predict what is going to happen, increase performance (CPM), and manage risks.

The list of our services in analytics includes the following.

  • BI/DWH/CPM infrastructure configuration and support
  • Audit, performance tuning, and migration of existing BI/DWH/CPM solutions
  • Training programs for various BI/DWH/CPM platforms
  • Consulting in planning and budgeting methodologies, KPI design, managerial accounting, and predictive analytics

The following are the examples of the analytics projects that IBA Group implemented for banking customers.

Planning and budgeting systems for BelVEB

Corporate Data Warehouse for BelVEB Bank

Financial Planning and Budgeting System for Alfa-Bank Belarus

Data Warehouse & Information System for Alfa-Bank


Software Development and Support for Insurance Company: IBA Group provided software development and support for a major supplier of software products and consultancy services in the insurance industry, including applications that manage insurance products, accounts of insurance agents and contracts with agents, and calculate cash flows.

Insurance Applications Support: IBA Group provided maintenance and support for a set of insurance–specific applications that function at a leading Austrian insurance trust.

For Slovenská pojišťovna, a leading insurance company in Central Europe, IBA Group created an employment portal coupled with an intranet solution. IBA Group also implemented a robust ticketing system and a unified environment to manage change requests for Komerční pojišťovna, a Czech-based insurance company that is a part of Société Générale.

The IBA experience in IT technologies complemented by vertical industry expertise enables the company to provide integrated solutions that improve the efficiency of our customers.   An IT provider with optimized business processes, IBA Group has further plans to release innovative solutions for the financial sector.

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