Oil & Gas

IBA Group has been involved in business process management and archiving projects intended for oil&gas companies. To have an idea of the expertise we can offer you, please review the brief descriptions of our recent projects in the oil&gas area. 

Gazpromtransgaz Belarus, a gas supplier of 6,500+ employees

The client had an outdated IT structure and numerous heterogeneous information databases, which had negative impact on manageability and led to accounting problems. Using the advanced SAP solutions HANA database and Business Suite for HANA, IBA Group developed a unified accounting system based on SAP HANA to manage financial results at an organization with approximately 1,800 SAP users. Another SAP-based solution was implemented for HR management and payroll accounting. Launched in 2012, the project is in production support.

Belarusneft, an oil supplier of 22,000+ employees

IBA Group developed a methodology for master data management and implemented a master data management system. The earlier attempts to implement SAP solutions failed because of the client’s unwillingness to abandon a legacy financial application. IBA Group developed a master data management methodology and data cleansing criteria. Afterwards, we designed and implemented a master data management solution;  Plan to Procure, Procure to Pay, and Material Distribution scenarios, Idea to Plan and Plan to Build scenarios for the customer’s investment program; and customer-specific Business Analytics and reporting, as well as migration of SAP ERP based on Oracle DB to SAP ERP EHP7 based on SAP HANA. As a result, the number of material master records reduced from 250,000 to 80,000 and stock levels decreased by 30%. An annual materials turnover report is generated in less than 20 seconds compared to the legacy 20 hours. With the centralized data management, the amount of data entered manually reduced threefold.

Using SAP ERP, the inventory management processes, including requests, planning, contracts, and transportation were automated at 25 subsidiaries in Belarus, Russia, and other countries. IBA Group integrated the application with seven external information systems of the customer, including accounting management, production, and other technological systems.

In addition, IBA Group automated management of investment programs and capital construction investment projects.

Gazprom Neft, a major supplier of crude oil and gas, and an oil refiner

IBA Group modified an Integrated Electronic Archive and developed functionality for storing of contract documentation in the Integrated Electronic Archive.  A number of functional improvements were implemented, including management of queries to issue/access electronic documents, report generation, and Data Volley enrichment.  

IBA Group also provides support and development for a document management system that functions at MERO ČR, international oil pipelines.

In addition, IBA Group has a proprietary mobile solution that is designed to automate monitoring of assets, including equipment, networks, and other facilities at oil&gas companies. The overview of the solution called Asset Walker is available at Asset Management Products & Solutions page.   

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