Other Verticals

IBA Group is not restricted to a specific industry or sector and keeps expanding its vertical industry expertise.  If you are looking to optimize and automate your operations in the trade, healthcare, business services or other sectors, IBA Group is always there to help you. In addition, e-government is among our major and long-term priorities.

IBA Group has been involved in the implementation of an integrated contract management system for a global IT giant The Integrated Contract Management (ICM) system is a web–based information system that gathers contract–related financial and healthcare information from different sources, including project management tools, claims, ledgers, customer billing systems, and third party orders and invoices. 

IBA Group developed the system of State Bibliographic Information (SBI), which is a part of E–Belarus, the State Program of Informatization of Belarus.

The IBA-developed E-Tax system is designed to provide a centralized accounting of taxes and duties, automate interaction between taxpayers and taxation bodies, as well as between taxation bodies and other state governing bodies and organizations. 

IBA Group created a central data warehouse of customs information. Following a feasibility study, IBA Group developed a prototype and eventually implemented a full–fledged data warehouse using Business Objects.

IBA Group developed a mobile client to simplify processing and approving of documents at a large–scale retail organization. The mobile client is closely connected with a backend document workflow system based on IBM FileNet and brings to end users new instruments for working with corporate documents.

E–Auction is an electronic trade portal designed for selling oil products, chemical products, and other goods through the internet.  IBA Group developed that system that captures information coming from local and foreign enterprises, manages the information, and optimizes resource distribution. 

See also the healthcare,  trade, government, and services sections of the Case Studies page of our website for more details about the projects that IBA Group implemented for these industries.

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