Transport and Logistics

The IBA Group’s experience in transport and logistics includes proprietary solutions and custom projects. The company implemented numerous legacy migration projects and those aimed to automate business processes, including workflow, cargo transportation, fleet management, fare collection, accounting, and HR management.

IBA AFC System

IBA Group developed a fare collection system for the Minsk city public transport. The AFC system was selected the best vertical solution of the year at the IT Europa’s European IT &Software Excellence Awards and a winner at the European Outsourcing Association Awards in 2015.

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IBA AVM is a suite of hardware and software intended for automated vehicle management.


  • Unified operational control and passenger transport management
  • Information for passengers about the estimated time of arrival of route vehicles at the stopping points

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IBA NFC Solution

The IBA NFC (Near Field Communication) Solution is a system based on touch–free technologies and is intended for companies and educational institutions. The system automates access control and time tracking, and allows for internal non–cash payments.

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IBA Group has been cooperating with railway organizations of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, providing advanced software and hardware solutions that automate cargo management, workflow, data management, CRM, and reporting.

The IBA-developed Information Analysis System to Manage Railway Cargo Transportation supports management decisions for all technological processes at Belarusian Railway. The objects are cars, trains, locomotives, engine crews, and containers. The system includes the subsystems that form and calculate key performance indicators (KPIs), set performance norms, automate fuel and electricity consumption and accounting, and coordinate planning.  The resulting reports are instrumental in improving the efficiency of railway divisions.

IBA Group implemented at Belarusian Railway a Unified Finance and Resource Management System (UFRMS) using SAP. UFRMS optimized business processes and unified multiple software applications in a single financial, HR, and resource system. IBA developed and released the Forwarder subsystem using SAP Enterprise Portal, and a budget and finance application unifying 2,000+ enterprises, as well as consolidation and balance reporting, cargo transportation accounting and control, Template Accounting, Human Resource Management and Labor & Payroll Accounting, and Material & Technical Supply Management subsystems.

In addition, IBA Group implemented a country-wide BI system for Belarusian Railway. Roughly 200 employees use the analytical tools and up to 1M new facts are processed on a daily basis.

Since 2011, IBA Group has been implementing a number of projects for one of the largest container shipping lines in the world. The projects are designed to automate sea transportation logistics, including quality management of repairs provided by repair companies, a cross-platform framework for development of mobile applications, and a mobile application for tracking of containers called Container Tracing.

A global IT leader is another major client of IBA Group in the logistics area. IBA developed a global logistic portal and a global logistic system that manages shipment, invoicing, customs operations, tracking, and other business processes. The global logistic system unified the former International Distribution Data Exchange and Distribution Logistic System (DLS) applications.

To see the details of the IBA Group’s projects in the transport and logistics industries, visit the Transport Case Studies section of our website.

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