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Data Management System Development and Support


IBM Deutschland GmbH.


Information technologies

Project Overview

CEPPlus is a central configuration and security tracking database that is used for the internal needs of our client. This database holds critical data concerning all server and network devices that are operated in the former Central Region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Hungary) by the following Strategic Outsourcing competencies: Server, Network, Asset Management, and Service Management. CEPPlus is based on the relational database system DB2 and provides a web–based user interface to represent and maintain data. A locally installed BRIO client supports reporting features. CEPPlus is a unified database that supersedes four legacy configuration/security tracking databases of our client.

Project Execution

Launched in December 2005, the project was completed in July 2006. The IBA activities included:

  • Design and development of CEPPlus application code
  • Migration of data from existing configuration/security tracking databases/data sources to the CEPPlus database
  • Development of a reporting system (BRIO reports)
  • Code and data maintenance.


DB2 UDB, WSAD (Web Sphere Application Development Suite), and BRIO were applied in the project. IBA performed the migration task using several utility tools, including conversion scripts written primarily in REXX.

Project Results

IBA became involved in the project at a very critical stage when data migration posed a major problem. Both development and migration were successfully completed in accordance with the schedule and CEPPlus went in production. Wolfgang Handt, IBM Project Manager, said: “Our project CEPPlus is now finished and closed. This new database is now in production, all targets have been reached. All of this success would not be possible without YOUR support, skill and flexibility. THANKS again to all team–members working for CEPPlus in the last months. This was a great job!”

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