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Storage Manager Support and Development


Our customer is a global IT service provider, one of the most recognized companies in the IT community


Information technologies

Project Overview

The aim of the project is to provide maintenance and functional development for the distributed Storage Management System (SMS), a licensed product of the Tivoli Storage Manager category. The product is built on client–server architecture and performs storage management functions in a multi–platform networking environment. SMS represents a complex set of modules adaptable for the IT infrastructure and meeting business needs of our customer. The Tivoli Storage Manager-based solution ensures data safety and availability within the customer environment. The product is widely used throughout the world.

Project Execution

IBA was enrolled in the project in 1995, performing B/A Client testing in IBM AIX environment. Currently, the following tasks are performed by the IBA team on a daily basis:

  • Level 2 Assistance. Help with initial processing of the Customer Problem Report to identify the root of the problem and document it in an Authorized Program Analysis Report (APAR) that will be accepted for further resolution if needed
  • Level 3 Support. Analysis of the Customer Problem Report relating to SMS, fixing problems in software programs, and testing the programs
  • Work Items. Design and development of new functions and features in line with the project plan.
  • Testing. Implementation of functional, system and installation testing for the new versions and modifications of SMS components. Development of a test scenario and programming of scripts to automate the testing process.

IBA is responsible for the following areas of SMS Client and Data Protection:

  • Backup/Archive Client (B/A Client)
  • Hierarchical Storage Manager Client (HSM Client)
  • Data Protection for Databases (Oracle, MS SQL)
  • Data Protection for Mail (IBM Domino, MS Exchange)
  • Data Protection for Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP and SAP HANA ERP)
  • Data Protection for Advanced Copy Services (ACS)
  • Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager
  • Fastback for Workstations and Fastback for Windows Central Administrations Console
  • TSM for Virtual Environment.

As the above components run in a multi–platform networking environment, IBA must have deep knowledge and strong practical experience in a wide area of computing platforms, operating systems and network solutions.

Computer Platforms

  • IBM (Systems i, p, x, z)
  • Apple (iMac, Mac Pro)
  • Hewlett Packard (HP PA–RISC, AlphaServers, Itanium)
  • Sun Microsystems (Sun SPARC, AMD)
  • Multifarious Intel x86 compatible
  • Clustered configurations

Software Skills

  • Operating Systems: IBM AIX; Apple Mac OS; HP–UX Itanium; MS Windows Family; Novell NetWare; Sun Solaris Family; Linux RedHat, Linux SuSe, other Linux
  • Languages: C/C++, C#, Java, Java Script, Perl, Korn Shell
  • Databases: DB2, IBM Domino, MS Exchange, MS SQL, Oracle

Project Results

IBA has been providing high quality support for SMS across the world. Analyzing problems, making appropriate changes in program code, as well as testing thoroughly the new versions, IBA contributes to high quality and reliability of the system.

Last year, IBA performed the following amount of work:

  • Processed more than 2,100 Level 3 Support requests
  • Fixed more than 500 problems according to Level 3 Support requests
  • Satisfied more than 900 Level 2 Assistance requests
  • Implemented about 20 Work Items for new functions and features
  • Developed and modified about 50 testing scripts and scenarios
  • Completed testing of the Client and Data Protection for new SMS versions.
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