Legacy Systems Integration and Transfer

Tire and rubber


Our customer is a world leader in the production of tires. The company manufactures and markets tires, several lines of belts, hose and other engineered rubber products for the transportation industry and various industrial and consumer markets, as well as rubber–related chemicals for various applications. Our customer operates more than 100 plants in 29 countries.

Project Overview

The project entitled Integration and Transfer of Legacy Systems (ITLS) is designed to adapt SAP objects that were initially tuned for customer plants in Germany to be deployed at plants in other countries. The project includes functionality extension for the following areas: Factory Accounting, Factory Purchasing, Tire Costing, Specifications, Ticketing, Plant Maintenance, and Plant Mold Mgt.

Project Execution

IBA implemented the project in close cooperation with the customer. The IBA responsibilities included adaptation of programs, reports, transactions, tables, and other FI/CO objects to meet the needs and requirements of each country, as well as assistance in FI/CO customization. The Blueprint phase was implemented for Plant Accounting (France). The project was expanded to include plants in Turkey and Great Britain. Different phases for various countries were implemented concurrently.

IBA Group was engaged in the improvement of PM Cockpit, a tool to maintain and link key objects of the PM module. The PM module implements special logic and rules to operate certain PM objects. The rules were set up to support specific production processes. The improvement was done for the Luxemburg plant and later was expanded to cover other plants. The work consisted of two stages, namely porting of the legacy module to an object–oriented platform and implementation of new functionality.

IBA Group participated in the implementation of a production module (SAP–PP) at the mold plant in Luxemburg. The project included customizing, as well as development of an interface to exchange data with a number of engineering shop–floor systems. In addition, PP functionality was extended to replace certain shop–floor systems.

Project Results

The customer received high quality applications that incorporate the latest technologies. Retaining all features of the legacy applications, new solutions provide enhanced functionality and are tuned to meet the needs of different plants of our customer. The customer achieved cost reduction while maintaining high quality. All deliverables were completed on schedule and exceeded quality requirements specified by the customer.

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