Lotus Notes Administrative Tasks


Our customer is a world leader in the production of tires. The company operates more than 100 plants in 29 countries.



Project Overview

This project covered customer's Lotus Notes administrative tasks as identified by the customer in 2006. The project had a specified time frame and comprised a suite of tasks that are identified below:

  • Creation of new users
  • Processing of terminations (users/groups)
  • Mail moves
  • Application migration: from development environment to integration environment and from integration environment to production => C2s
  • Group creation/deletion/renaming/owner change
  • Creation of new database from template
  • Creation of mail–in database/documents
  • Database deletion/move
  • Creation of new replica
  • Resource creating/modifying/deleting
  • Monitoring of mail for outages (mailmon)
  • Daily monitoring of AdminP to ensure that requests are processed and troubleshoot/resolve processing errors
  • Daily monitoring of Log activity and problem/error reporting to CNO Administrators
  • Daily monitoring of Cluster Log and problem/error reporting to CNO Administrators
  • Testing of Domino and Notes versions
  • Continuous testing and improvement of Calendaring and Scheduling
  • Setting of Out of Office feature
  • Service requests for mail move/new users/name change/internet address
  • Change/new databases/new replicas
  • Managing quotas. 

Project Execution

The project was externally managed by the customer. All project–related information was stored in a team room database, and activities recorded and maintained by standard Domino features and logs.

The customer set the following requirements for the IBA team: strong Lotus Notes administration skills, problem determination skills, the ability to recommend a fix or workaround solution, the ability to track schedules and manage escalations as appropriate, team leadership qualities, communication and interpersonal skills, and English language proficiency, both reading and writing.


Development environment: Lotus Notes 6 + Domino Server and Administrator, VPN direct connection.

Project Results

Launched in 2006, the project was successfully completed in August, 2008. IBA met all customer requirements. The IBA team's involvement enabled the customer to reduce the total cost of administrative tasks and to minimize HR costs.

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