PC Essentials Global Supply


Our customer is a global IT service provider, one of the most recognized companies in the IT community


Information technologies

Project Overview

The project involved operational support for a set of production applications that are delivered to our customer's business partners and clients in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The project covers a number of different but related applications and processes.

The project involved a suite of applications to communicate product, business and marketing information to our customer’s partners via various Lotus Notes databases and web sites.

Black Box is an upstream system that feeds information to client partners and divisions.

The Product & Price Guide (PPG) is an application that generates a printed PPG booklet distributed worldwide.

The Global Supply Parts List gives an integrated cross-indexed view (by country, by brand or by WW part number) of “where” generally available PC products are deployed and hence orderable around the world.

Furthermore, following the split of the PC division of our customer, this project supports the transition period with dual stakeholders representing the initial owner and the successor.

Project Execution

IBA implements the project in close cooperation and providing a real time support to the customer.

The IBA responsibilities are system analysis; application design; application construction; unit, functional and system testing; quality assurance; production implementation; and level 2 and 3 support through the entire life cycle. The development and support are done in an IBA development center with short workshops at customer site. All project–related documents are stored in a Lotus Notes/Domino database accessible to stakeholders.

Hardware and Software Environment:

Platforms RS/6000, IBM PC, System/390
Environments Lotus Notes
Languages C/C++, HTML, Java, JavaScript, LotusScript, REXX, VisualAge, WWW, PL1, AIX scripts
Developing tools VisualAge for C++
Operating Systems AIX, Windows NT/2000, Windows 98/XP, OS/2
Databases Lotus Notes, DB2

Project Results

The customer received high quality development and support for the project. Built on new technologies, the new applications provide enhanced functionality and are compliant with the existing infrastructures of the customer. In the last six years, a number of new application releases were successfully implemented, including an extremely important and complicated segmentation project. All deliverables were completed on schedule and exceeded quality requirements specified by the customer.

The IBA team received good feedback from the customer: “The IBA team working on the PC Essentials Global Delivery project received a score of 100 in a recent Customer Satisfaction Survey across the client base for their project. This is a significant accomplishment; this excellent score reinforces several positive emails that were received by the client team regarding the latest application release that was recently made available.”

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