Supplier Relationship Management Solution




Our customer is a world leader in the production of tires. The company operates more than 100 plants in 29 countries.

Project Overview

Our customer made a decision to upgrade SAP systems, including Supplier Relationship Management Solution from SAP R/3 v.4.6 to SAP ERP and implement SAP SRM as an additional feature. The project involved the following SAP products:

  • SAP R/3 v.4.6
  • SAP ERP 2005
  • SAP SRM 7.0:

The Supplier Relationship Management Solution is built on the powerful SAP NetWeaver platform that allows for integration and coordination of personnel, information, and processes at all technological and organizational levels. SAP NetWeaver facilitates interaction, harmonizes information, and provides comprehensive data analysis. Using SAP NetWeaver, it is possible to perform many processes in the background mode, exchange large and complicated documents, and automatically archive all operations.

System Architecture

Self–Service Procurement


MRP Procurement

MRP Procurement

 Procurement for PM

Procurement for PM

Contract Management

Contract Management

Contract Management and Sourcing

 Contract Management and Sourcing

Specific Features:

  • Creation and transmission of consignment contracts.


PO: Purchase order

MRP: Material Requirements Planning

PM: Plant Maintenance

PR from PM: Purchase Requisition from Plant Maintenance

Supplier int.: Supplier integration

SRM PO (ECS): Purchase Order in the Extended Classic Scenario

CTR: Contract (Contract Management)

IDOCs: Intermediate Document


The Supplier Relationship Management Solution enables the customer to build effective relations with suppliers. The solution supports the following end–to–end procurement processes:

Strategic procurement and selection of supply sources

  • Development of procurement strategy
  • Analysis of expenses
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Management of contracts
  • Management of catalogues.

Operating procurement

  • Self–servicing of employees
  • Regulation of supplies through planning
  • Purchase of services.

Cooperation with suppliers

  • Registration of suppliers
  • Joint processing of orders
  • Joint development
  • Joint replenishment of orders
  • Interaction with suppliers.

Project Execution

IBA is implementing the project in close cooperation with the customer. The project is scheduled as a long-term one and is still underway. The development process is built using a standard production cycle that includes the following phases:

  • Analysis of requirements
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing.


  • SAP ERP 2005
  • ABAP
  • IDOCs
  • BADI
  • BAPI
  • Enhancements
  • ABAP Webdynpro

Project Results

The customer's affiliates adopt the SRM on an ongoing basis. To date, all European affiliates of our customer are utilizing the new system. The solution provides enhanced capabilities for supplier relationship management, resulting in time reduction, quality improvement, and higher transparency.






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