Digital marketing and promotion, digital content creation


FORTVISION (IL), an operator of a cloud-based advertising platform that empowers websites, applications, and advertisers to influence audiences and form closer relationships with customers.

Project Overview

The project started in September 2017. FORTVISION is an interactive content and advertising platform constantly renewing and adding new cutting-edge features.

1. Creation and support of different advertisement formats:

  • Simple HTML pages
  • Video advertising
  • Different questioners formats
  • Story

2. Different advertisement placement options:

  • In-page advertisement
  • Fortico
  • Floating page

3. Collecting advertisement tracking information: impressions, clicks, and events
4. Convenient dashboard with campaigns statistics and instrument for new ads design and placement.

The FORTVISION content is designed so that you can build your own campaigns, adjust them during its lifecycle according to the needs and get a real time statistics.


Operating Systems  Windows family, Mac OS, Unix family, Android, iOS
Databases   MySQL, Redis, Dynamo DB
SW & Tools used  Jira, GitHub, Visual Studio Code, Kubernetis, NodeJS Server, AWS (S3, Elastic Transcoder, Athena, DynamoDB, Kinesis), FluentD, Azure, Redis
Programming languages JavaScript, Python, SQL

Project Execution

The goal of the project is to stay relevant to common digital advertisement trends and requirements with development of state-of-the-art solutions to provide user-friendly environment to develop, place, track and maintain advertisement campaigns.

IBA Group renders the following services:

  • Design & development of dashboard application
  • Design & development of core back-end part
  • Revision and redesign of DB structure
  • Functional and non-functional testing (as application, as content)
  • Test planning, design, implementation, execution, analysis & control
  • Manual and automated testing
  • Continued integration
  • Documentation creation and maintaining
  • Problem and error analysis
  • Bug fixing
  • Data migration
  • Application support.

Project communication and documentation are performed in English and Hebrew.

Project Results & Client View

Raanan Eran, FORTVISION Founder & CEO, says: “The developed application demonstrates high performance and stability to the highest satisfaction of end users. The end users work with up-to-date platform for content creation and result analyzing which allows intelligent real time management.  The system is user-friendly and easy to use. At the same time, it combines industry-leading technologies and techniques. Team dedication to the success of the project, agile approach and constant demonstration of high performance, learning of new technologies and approaches are decisive factors to the project success.”


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