IBA Group at Information Security Code in Astana

On December 7, 2017, IBA Group participated in the Information Security Code conference. The event was organized in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The aims of the conference include the following:

  • To present information about trends and innovations in modern cyber security threats and achievements in combating them
  • To showcase new solutions in information security management
  • To discuss real cases
  • To create a platform for the information security experts to share their experience.

IBA Group booth at Information Security CodeInformation Security Code in Astana was the final event in a series of conferences, taking place in 26 big cities of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

IBA Group presented its proprietary analytical product IBA Visual Analysis Studio designed to ensure the financial security of enterprises. IBA Visual Analysis Studio confronts fraud and bribery, identifies the connections of financially responsible employees with false business entities, terrorist organizations and the people with a negative reputation, and reveals complex schemes of money laundering and affiliation of businesses.

In addition, IBA Group delivered a presentation entitled Simple and Effective Investigation of Financial Fraud and held a Q&A session with the conference participants.

At the IBA Group booth, the participants in the event were able to learn more about the IBA security line of business and receive professional consultations of the company's experts.

IBA Group at Information Security Code Astana

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