IBA Group Terminals Installed In First Self-Service Bank Office

Belarusbank, a leading Belarusian savings bank, opens the first Belarusian branch office entirely equipped with self-service banking equipment. In the branch office, a POS terminal and a currency exchange terminal with a coin payout function produced by IBA Group can be found. The equipment and the software are developed by the Belarusian development centers of IBA Group.

The currency exchange terminal enables the users to exchange US dollars, euros, and Russian rubles for Belarusian rubles using cash in a self-service mode. The unique device allows for receiving both Belarusian banknotes and coins from the currency exchange terminal. To this end, the terminal is equipped with a dispenser for banknotes and a hopper for coins. The current exchange rates set by the bank, as well as the banknote values allowed for acceptance are displayed on the screen.

At the opening ceremony, Inna Rusakovich, Director of Retail Business Department at Belarusbank, said: “Today, ATMs and payment terminals are widely in use. Consumers are gradually changing their preferences and their approach differs significantly from that of 10-20 years ago. For a bank, it is not enough to be just reliable, but convenient as well.”

Being one of priority areas for IBA Group, banking IT includes digital banking, corporate banking, retail banking, IT infrastructure, and analytics. Today, all major Belarusian banks use IBA Group’s solutions. In retail banking, IBA covers 85 percent of the Belarusian market of payment terminals.

IBA Group terminals installed in first self-service banking outlet

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