IBA Group Creates Analytics System for BPS–Sberbank

IBA Group specialists successfully finished a project for the development, implementation, and maintenance of a software analytical system for monitoring an ATM network of BPS–Sberbank. The project is designed to provide capabilities for operational analysis of financial and technical performance indicators using ad–hoc reports, and generate information to support managerial decisions.

The solution enabled the bank to do the following:

  • Change business processes of managerial reporting for the ATM and ITT network
  • Make these processes transparent and controllable
  • Improve the quality of information and speed up the formation of statements
  • Reduce labor costs in reporting.

The solution has significantly expanded analytical capabilities of the BPS–Sberbank system due to the introduction of a new methodology of KPI calculation.

Modern tools of business analytics and information management, such as Informatica PowerCenter and SAP Business Objects, were used on the project, which expanded the capabilities of the system. As a result, business users were able to:

  • Display analytical information on the interactive map
  • Create reports without IT professionals.

Eventually, the bank strengthened its position of a technological leader in the banking sector.

Yuri Ponomarev, IT Department Director of BPS-Sberbank, said: “BPS-Sberbank would like to express its gratitude to IBA Group for the professional service on the development, implementation, and maintenance of the software analytical system for monitoring the ATM network. BPS-Sberbank would like to note the high level of professionalism of IBA Group specialists, both in terms of technical competence in business analytics and information management, and of the understanding the customer's requirements, which contributed to an atmosphere of trust and the successful and timely implementation of all project tasks.”


Mr. Ponomarev thanked IBA Group for the professional, efficient and creative approach to solving tasks and expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation.

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