IBA CZ at Liferay DEVCON 2015

From October 7 to October 8, 2015, IBA CZ participated in Devcon, a Liferay developer conference that was held in Darmstadt, Germany.

Conducted since 2013, Devcon features more than 40 in–depth sessions and technical workshops for those who want to build their Liferay expertise and apply new knowledge in their current and future projects.

At the event, IBA CZ delivered a presentation on portal frameworks in real projects and demonstrated a profound experience in using Liferay when creating portals for various customers.

Using Liferay in the development of solutions for our customers for years, IBA CZ knows their strengths and weaknesses and is proficient in dealing with them. Liferay offers different frameworks to accelerate the development, including ADT, document libraries, web content management, user management, staging, and asset framework. The IBA CZ presentation featured practical use of the portal frameworks.

See the presentation and read about the impressions in the article 9 Highlights from DevCon by James Falkner, Liferay Community Manager.

You can also get into the spirit of this year's Devcon 2015 watching a short video about the event.

IBA CZ delivers presentation at DEVCON 2015

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