IBA Institute Receives CSR Award

On March 27, 2015, the prize — giving ceremony of the annual Award for Corporate Social Responsibility was held in Minsk, Belarus. The IBA Institute of IT and Business Administration received the CSR award in the category Best CSR Project: Education for promotion of IT in Belarus among people with disabilities.

The CSR award in Belarus is founded and sponsored by the Idea international fund. The contest is conducted among Belarusian companies that implement CSR projects in different areas, including charity, culture, sports, education, healthy lifestyle, engagement with local communities, environment, and corporate volunteering.

The project of the IBA Institute is aimed at free training and certification in system administration for people with disabilities. Trainees were able to choose a teaching method either in–person or remotely with a teacher. In 2014, 120 students with disabilities completed a challenging technical course. Of them, 89 were trained remotely and 31 were able to attend full–time classes. Currently, four students study at the Cisco authorized courses free of charge.

The graduates of the course are able to provide the following work:

  • Setup of networking equipment
  • Consulting of users in various software
  • Managing user sessions on a terminal server
  • Minor repair of office equipment
  • Network troubleshooting.

In addition, the IBA Institute assists people with disabilities in solving the problem of unemployment and strives to attract the attention of employers to this vulnerable group of people.

The students receive the following professions:

  • Office equipment serviceman
  • Remote system administrator, first level support
  • Telecommunications engineer (NMC)
  • Technical support technician
  • Service engineer, PC repair.

In 2014, IBA Institute helped numerous graduates to find a job.

IBA Institute of IT and Business Administration wins award in corporate social responsibility (CSR) IBA Institute of IT and Business Administration wins award in corporate social responsibility (CSR)

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