IBA’s AFC System Spreads in Minsk Metro

On February 13, IBA Group launched contactless payment at the Kamiennaja Horka and Plošča Jakuba Kolasa stations. The service is introduced as a part of the IBA Fare Collection System (AFC). 

Previously, contactless payment was only available at the Plošča Lienina station. The first metro gate that featured the contactless payment service was launched in September 2017. Since the launch, more than 4,300 people used the gate. According to Minsk Metropoliten, 40-50 commuters choose bankcards daily to pay for their journeys, while 35 percent of passengers still use tokens. 

To date, 12 metro gates at three Metro stations accept contactless payment by Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass bankcards. In addition, commuters can pay with their smartphones or smart watches that support the NFC technology.

IBA Group representatives said the company’s AFC System is developing to cater for the needs of passengers. The updated functionality allows for accepting payment in public transport by Visa and MasterCard, as well as smart gadgets. This is a safe, fast, and convenient payment method for commuters, which also enables transport organizations to optimize ticket selling costs. In the long term, contactless payment can be implemented in all types of public transport in Minsk.

IBA Group introduces contactless payment at two more Metro stations in Minsk

Photo: metropoliten.by

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