IBA Group Project Receives SAP Quality Award 2016

SAP announced the winners of its annual contest SAP Quality Awards. In 2016, the SAP project implemented jointly by IBA Group and Gazprom Transgaz Belarus won the bronze in the Fast Delivery Category among CIS companies. The project was aimed at the design and implementation of the electronic document management (EDM) system in terms of the company’s business processes for equipment maintenance and repair. 

Alexander Velichko, Quality Director at SAP CIS, sent IBA Group a letter to congratulate on the recognition. He said: “Being a winner of SAP Quality Awards is an ultimate recognition of professional competence for SAP project participants from all over the CIS. Obtaining a title of the SAP Quality Awards prize winner confirms the validity of the adopted strategy and of the decisions made and acknowledges the credibility of the project team within the company while boosting the launch of new business transformation projects”.

The contest is a part of the SAP strategy to improve the quality of SAP implementation projects.

The SAP Quality Awards celebrate and recognize customers who have excelled in the implementation of their SAP software solutions by using SAP's ten quality principles, namely:

1. Anchor business value firmly in a project

2. Determine the requirements early on

3. Cooperate with stakeholders and use a proper governance model

4. Ensure timely delivery and effective tracking

5. Staff the project with sufficiently skilled, motivated people

6. Apply the appropriate methodology and plan for quality

7. Identify and manage risks jointly throughout the project

8. Exploit standard software using solution and delivery best practices

9. Achieve production readiness

10. Use organizational change management to transform business.

In addition, the judges assess the efforts taken to optimize the cost of implementation and operation, as well as the achievement of strategic business goals.

The equipment maintenance and repair EDM system was launched in commercial operation in 17 branches and the administration office simultaneously and in accordance with the terms stipulated by the project plan. Today, 200 users work with the system and it is planned to grow the network up to 800 users.

Based on SAP and OpenText, the project allowed for a fivefold reduction of the information search time and a simplification of its relevance monitoring procedure. The equipment maintenance documentation is updated in a timely manner, which results in a 4% increase of the reliability and safety of technical facilities for gas transportation and storage.

The awards and certificates will be presented to the winners at the SAP Quality Awards ceremony in Moscow in April 2017.

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