IBA Participates in Information Security Code Conference

IBA Participates in Information Security Code ConferenceOn September 21, IBA Group participated in the Information Security Code conference held in Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation. The conference is as a part of a large-scale series of events that included 26 cities in five countries and IBA Group attended the Information Security Code conference for the third time.

At the event, IBA Group spoke on identity management (IDM) and gave examples of its implementation in Belarus. Visitors of the IBA Group’s stand in the exhibition area had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the company, its areas of activity, and receive advice on information security.

The audience was invested in the topics of identity management and security information and event management (SIEM) covered by IBA Group during its presentation. The company also presented IBA Visual Analysis Studio, a product that investigates fraudulent schemes.

Speakers of Information Security Code discussed trends in security and highlighted the issue of the lack of qualified personnel. They said that in addition to being a technology expert, a modern information security specialist should have the knowledge of legal and bureaucratic aspects.

The conference finished with an interactive session entitled Information Security Code Top Ten. Experts and participants of the conference made a list of ten major problems in information security and suggested ways to solve them.

More than 200 target visitors attended the Information Security Code conference, including CIOs, heads of departments, and IT and information security specialists representing various industries.

IBA Group speaks on identity management at information security conference in Russia

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