IBA Group Launches Transport App

IBA Group launches transport appOn October 1, IBA Group launched a transport application entitled Transport BY. Currently, the application works in Gomel and 17 towns of the Gomel Region. Transport BY allows for tracking the movement of public transport, viewing the current transport timetables and the arrival time of a vehicle at a particular bus stop, and planning a convenient route to a destination, including planning a route between towns of the Gomel Region. When building a route, the application takes into account the selected types of public transport.

The benefits of the Transport BY application compared to similar services are the following.

  • Transport BY displays the current timetable of a vehicle throughout the Gomel Region, where public transport operates. All types of transport, including minibuses, are connected to the Gomeloblpassazhirtrans unified operator system.
  • Estimation of the actual time of arrival of a vehicle at the bus stop is carried out using algorithms that are more accurate. All algorithms are calculated directly in the company’s system, which provides users with more reliable data.
  • Arrival time of the nearest and the next vehicle is displayed in the application, even if the vehicle is yet to leave the park.
  • End station of the route is always displayed in the application. The end station information is important as it may vary on different trips of the same route. A vehicle may do a pick up trip or proceed to the park. In the Transport BY application, this information is constantly updated.
  • When tapping on a vehicle, the timetable is displayed for the current day and for every day of the week. The application does not need to check for updates as the timetable is displayed at request in real time.

According to IBA Group, more than 3,000 users downloaded the application in the first 10 days. The company works on improvements based on the users’ feedback. In addition, IBA Group cooperates with other Belarusian transport operators to make the service available in other regions.

At the moment, the Transport BY application is available at Google Play exclusively.


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