IBA Conducts IoT Workshop in Minsk

IoT professionals at IBA Group's officeOn November 27, IBA Group conducted a workshop entitled Industry 4.0: Internet of Things and Augmented Reality as Instruments for Business Transformation. The event took place at the company’s office in High-Tech Park, Minsk.

Sergei Akoulich, CEO at IBA IT Park, opened the workshop. He said: “The mission of our company is to promote business transformation and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our customers. By introducing advanced information technologies, we are helping our clients become more successful. The topic of the workshop is connected to such relatively new trends in the information technology market as the Internet of Things (IoT) and virtual and augmented reality. We have gathered here with PTC, our vendor, and MONT, our software distribution partner, to assess the challenges for your enterprises and determine the points where these new technologies can be applied and bring results, and help your enterprises in making their products more reliable and competitive.”

PTC and MONT specialists focused on PTC innovations, including the ThingWorx platform for building the industrial IoT and Vuforia, a product for expedite production and remote technical support for products with the possibility of augmented reality. In addition, the delegates discussed the concept of Industry 4.0 and the opportunities for its implementation at Belarusian industrial enterprises.

IBA Group presented an example of how IoT can be used as an instrument for business transformation and shared the company’s expertise in the implementation of PDM/PLM projects at Belarusian enterprises.

IBA Group organized the workshop for chief engineers, lead architects, IT directors, and managers and specialists of automated control systems at Belarusian industrial enterprises and design organizations. The workshop gathered 25 professionals from almost two dozen enterprises.

IBA Group conducts a workshop entitled Industry 4.0: Internet of Things and Augmented Reality as Instruments for Business Transformation

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