IBA Group Launches New Mobile Game

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June 21, 2012

On June 16, IBA Group released a new game entitled Rock all Zombies.

After dozens of released games, the company brought a brand new product to the touch game market. Rock all Zombies is a combination of different game genres, including strategy, rhythm, and action.

It all starts when the lights go down!

Imagine that you and your band are in a garage, rehearsing for a concert. Suddenly, the lights go down and you see that the entire city is plunged in darkness. Hordes of zombies and monsters are emerging from nowhere. Will you let them steal your future or will you fight? Which is stronger, rock music or darkness? Guitars fighting against steel monsters… Isn't this what real Rock–and–Roll is about? Listen to the rhythm, tap the commands, and watch your heroes to wreak havoc upon the living dead!

In the game, the user is in control of a rock band that fights to bring the power back to the garage. A variety of available commands combined with items and upgrades provides multiple strategy possibilities. One can choose between stronger defenses and better firearms or between higher attack power and more health points.

The game is specifically optimized for touch screens. Easy–to–use controls make gaming on a large screen convenient.

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