IBA Group Marks Opening of IBA UK in London

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Prague, Czech Republic.

September 20, 2013.

IBA Group holds an event in London to celebrate the 20th birthday and recent opening of IBA UK

Last week, IBA Group celebrated its twentieth anniversary, hosting an event in London. The program of the event featured presentations by Sergei Levteev, IBA Group Chairman, and Martyn Hart, Chairman of the National Outsourcing Association (NOA). A special feature of the event was a contest of experts sharing their insights into outsourcing in the years ahead.

The venue for the event was the Wellington Arch, an incredible building in central London that many Londoners have traveled past for years, never knowing that the public can go inside. From outside it looks just like an enormous statue, but there is a hidden door leading to a network of rooms.

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Mr. Levteev introduced the evening by talking about the foundation of the company twenty years ago. He went on to say about the milestones in the company's history, including the recent opening of IBA UK, the IBA Group's office in London.

Mr. Hart spoke about the industry twenty years ago, when outsourcing was a new word — most companies were still talking about Facilities Management.

Afterwards, there was the competition between expert commentators. Mark Hillary, a British journalist, blogger, and editor, moderated the contest. The experts were asked to deliver a five–minute talk on how they see outsourcing changing over the next twenty years. The audience had voting cards and could choose their favorite, so they were listening intently and ready to choose their winner.

The four speakers competing in the event were:

  • Martyn Hart, Chairman of the National Outsourcing Association
  • John Garratt, Editor of IT Europa
  • Derek Parlour, Head of Commercial at National Rail Enquiries
  • Colin Beveridge, industry analyst at Better Practice

Mr. Parlour was selected the winner. His friendly and casual start to the talk led to some great insights into the way suppliers and clients will need to interact in future and the audience warmed to his theme.

You can click on YouTube here to see the four talks for yourself

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