IBA Achieves SEI CMMI Maturity Level 4

October 24, 2003. Minsk, Belarus. IBA achieved the SEI CMMI® (Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model Integration) Level 4 Rating. Our company was among the first in the world to receive this high maturity rating that is internationally recognized as a powerful business tool and competitive advantage.

CMMI is a business model used to improve an organization's ability to manage project activities towards success. Today, it is actually the standard for software development and management and therefore many companies are striving to attain maturity ratings using it. A CMMI rating provides for organization's worldwide recognition as a quality provider of systems engineering, software engineering, and IT services. It also gives a company the ability to predict cost, schedule, and performance for its projects, as well as attract and retain highly skilled and motivated professionals. According to Kent A. Johnson, SEI-authorized Lead Appraiser, “… the reason that people do the assessment activity is that they believe that it marks their maturity so that they can reflect back to the customers their ability to deliver high quality products on time and on budget.”

The CMMI effort began in the United States in the 1980s. At that time, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University launched a project to help companies build high quality software. The SEI focused on what successful projects had in common and the result became the Capability Maturity Model for software. This model has been in use throughout the world for approximately 15 years. CMMI is the latest version of this process improvement model. In addition to software engineering, the new model focuses on Systems Engineering, Integrated Product and Process Development, and Supplier Sourcing.

Specialists representing Gartner Group, Inc. and TeraQuest Metrics, Inc. conducted the appraisal for which both software development and maintenance projects were selected. To identify IBA's strengths, weaknesses, and ratings relative to the CMMI, SCAMPIsm (Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement), the most recent and rigorous appraisal method, was applied.

Commenting on the appraisal results, Kent Johnson, the head of the appraisal team, said: “There were no real obstacles to the IBA appraisal. Everyone was on time for their interviews, spoke good English, and communicated their duties well. The organization's executives understood the tasks defined in the schedule, and agreed to follow it. The schedule and executive commitment, greatly contributed to the success of the appraisal.”

Margaret K. Kulpa, External Appraisal Team Member from AgileDigm, Inc., added: “IBA itself is a well-organized leader in the offshore software development industry. Their experience in developing products and hosting visitors is clearly demonstrated by their abilities to plan projects and see them through to successful completion. What separates IBA from other offshore development organizations is their clear vision of what IBA can do and should do for their customers…”

Valentin Kazan, IBA Deputy Director, expressed the view that: “The introduction of software development and maintenance processes that comply with international standards is a key factor in the company's success. This is why our company has invested in attaining ISO 9001 certification and this is why we attach great importance to software process improvement within CMMI. The primary objective of this activity is customer satisfaction and I am pleased that our team supports all innovations in this area, which results in superior services for our worldwide customers.”

Sergei Levteev, IBA CEO, emphasized that: “IBA is among the first in the world to achieve SEI CMMI Level 4 Rating. This gives us an additional impetus in servicing our customers and puts us in a leading position in the IT market. The high appraisal that our company received from the world-class analysts came as a result of the work done by our staff who showed their ability to study the new model and introduce it into their everyday practice.”

The successful CMMI Level 4 appraisal is regarded by IBA as an opportunity to provide better service to its customers, as well as an important milestone to CMMI Level 5, the highest maturity level of a software organization.

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TeraQuest is recognized worldwide as a leader in providing training, consulting and appraisal services based on the family of CMMs (CMM for Software, CMMI, and People CMM). For the past 10 years, TeraQuest has focused on helping commercial organizations apply maturity models to realize improved productivity, quality and predictability. In March 2001, the Gartner Group, Inc. of Stamford, CT and TeraQuest Metrics, Inc. of Austin, Texas announced the formation of a strategic alliance to provide IT consulting services based on the family of Capability Maturity Models. Gartner selected TeraQuest for this alliance because of TeraQuest's recognized leadership in implementing CMM-based improvement programs. For more information, please visit www.teraquest.com

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