IBA Group Releases IBA UK Website

 IBA Group http://ibagroupit.com, an alliance of IT companies with 2,500+ people, launched a website of IBA UK, the company's office in Great Britain http://uk.ibagroupit.com.

IBA UK, the IBA Group's office in Great Britain, was registered as a legal entity in 2012 in London, Great Britain. In addition to legal presence, the company launched a landing page that was recently replaced with a website at http://uk.ibagroupit.com.

IBA Group has been implementing projects for British customers since 1999, acting as a contractor of a number of global IT leaders. In 2011, the company received a request from a local provider of enterprise solutions for multi–channel communication and document automation. The request resulted in an ongoing project on the customer's new software as a service offering. The solution involves mass processing of millions of documents per day. Other IBA's projects in the country are related to security support, business control, and contract management.

IBA UK attracts the expertise of its parent company IBA Group to provide top quality software services in the British market. IBA Group stands out because of its ability to implement complex multiplatform projects and a versatile service portfolio. The technology offerings range from mainframe systems and enterprise applications to SAP, web, and CAMSS technologies (cloud, analytics, enterprise mobility, social media, and security). During its 22–year history, IBA Group has shown an unsurpassed ability to solve clients' IT challenges. Global giants like IBM, SAP, Goodyear, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, and Rockwell Automation partner with IBA on hundreds of projects.

Being a thorough source of information about IBA UK, the new web resource gives information about the company, its services, clients, news, and operations.

In addition, the IBA UK's website is connected with other websites of IBA Group through Our Websites drop–down menu and provides links to the company's pages in social media.

Last year, IBA Group released http://za.ibagroupit.com, http://us.ibagroupit.com, and http://de.ibagroupit.com, the new or redesigned websites of IBA South Africa, IBA USA, and IBA IT GmbH, the IBA Group's representative offices in the South African Republic, the United States and Germany, respectively. The website of IBA UK is yet another element of a network of the IBA Group's internet resources.

IBA Group heartily invites you to visit the new website at uk.ibagroupit.com, and welcomes your comments and suggestions for improvement.

About IBA Group

IBA Group is one of the largest IT service providers in Eastern Europe performing software development, migration, maintenance, support, and IT consulting services with more than 2,500 IT and business professionals. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, IBA Group has offices and development centers in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Belarus, South Africa, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Slovakia. IBA Group focuses on mainframe systems, enterprise applications, web solutions, SAP and other ERP systems, business intelligence, and mobile applications. IBA Group is recognized by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) as one of The Global Outsourcing 100 in the Leaders Category, and ranks as one of the world's largest software companies in the Software Magazine's Software 500. In 2015, 2014, 2012, and 2011, IBA Group won IT Europa's European IT & Software Excellence awards. For more information, visit http://ibagroupit.com

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