IBA Group: 1C partner

A foundation for long–term cooperation between 1C (Moscow, Russia) and IBA was laid in 1999 when 1C department was created in IBA.

In 2000, a franchising contract on development, implementation and supply of software solutions based on 1C Enterprise System version 7.7 was signed.

In 2004, the two companies concluded a partnership contract on distribution and implementation of 1C Enterprise System versions 7.7 and 8.0. 

In 2005, IBA and 1C signed an agreement  on the Center of Corporate Implementations and Support with specialization in complicated projects for corporate clients, and on creation of a 1C-based Project Management Center. IBA and 1C made another step to strengthening their partnership by signing an agreement  on the Center of Production Competence that is designed to promote products and services including management of manufacturing enterprise.

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