Start Point

Start Point, a software product designed to create an automated system of product development

Start Point is a software product developed by IBA Group based on PTC Creo and PTC Windchill. IBA Group has partner relations with Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC).

Given its rich experience in all–round automation of manufacturing enterprises and a long–term cooperation with PTC, IBA takes the next logical step by offering the new proprietary software product Start Point.


Start Point is a software product designed to create a system of collaborative end–to–end product development and maintenance, product data management (PDM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and electronic document management of engineering data.

Start Point is a packaged product, which is based on proven solutions successfully implemented at manufacturing enterprises. Start Point complies with the local and international ISO standards.

Corporate Master Data

When doing research and development in different areas of production activities, engineers need master data on standard products, other products, materials used, physical and mechanical properties of the materials, their possible substituents, and replacement conditions.

Start Point contains the corporate master data Standard Products and Materials providing flexible search and convenient information view. It is possible to use the information contained in the product structure that was developed using PTC Windchill and in the documents of PTC Creo Parametric when creating drawings, specifications, and calculations of the models' mass centering. The master data Standard Products and Other Products include more than 30,000 items.

Automated Processes

In compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2000) standard, a company should define its business processes and ensure their implementation (sections 4.1 and 7.1).

Start Point guarantees automatic observance of business process standards. The product already includes the following optimized and verified processes of product design and maintenance:

  • Management of a restrictive list of corporate master data elements (standard products, other products, and materials)
  • Endorsement and approval of 3D models and drawings
  • Automatic product verification to comply with local and company standards
  • Registering and processing of product defects, incompliances, and deviations
  • Handling product changes on notification
  • Data transmission to the production system (ERP, MES, etc.)
  • Start Point maintenance by the company's IT department.

Optimized processes of design and maintenance of an electronically developed product contribute to a higher productivity.


Any company has certain business processes of reporting for internal (managers , procurement officers) and external (subcontractors, suppliers) users. It is a time–consuming and costly procedure. Low level of reporting automation leads to high manpower effort, low formalization, lack of efficiency, and in some cases unreliable reporting information. In this regard, it is important to automate the reporting procedure. 

Using Start Point, it is possible to generate different types of reports. The reports are generated simultaneously and an associative link is maintained between them. It means that introduction of changes in one of the documents will lead to the appropriate changes in relevant reports and drawings. The edit is done in one place, thus eliminating errors that may occur when entering the same information in various types of documents. 

Types of automatically generated reports:

  • Specifications
  • Group specifications
  • Statement of purchased products
  • Notification
  • Information and authentication sheet.

Quality Management

For every company, high quality is an essential tool to maintain and improve its performance.

The company's market success largely depends on a higher quality of its products or services comparing to those of its competitors'. The quality of manufacturing processes is becoming increasingly important.

Start Point enables companies to identify and eliminate the causes of quality deviations in their products and to monitor remedial actions. Start Point allows to register spoilage in production and to prevent its occurrence.

Vendor Package

The standard package contains:

  • Start Point software product
  • Company Standard, namely description of requirements for electronic documents, electronic structure of products, and product development process
  • Instructions for users and administrators on how to work and configure the Start Point software product.

Within the Start Point delivery, IBA Group conducts training of users and system administrators.


Using Start Point, companies are able to:

  • Shorten the time of design and technological processes. The optimal settings implemented in the product provide the ease of implementation, maintenance, and use.
  • Reduce the operating cost of the system and the cost of output products due to the high quality and reliability of the PTC–based system
  • Reduce the operating cost of the system and the cost of output products by increasing the Start Point warranty period up to 2 years comparing to the standard offerings.


In addition to the Start Point packaged software, IBA Group provides the following services:

  • Custom development of an automated system intended for design and technological preparation of production
  • Additional training for users and administrators to work with Start Point and products by PTC, namely Windchill and Creo.
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