FileNet System for Power Engineering Giant


Power engineering


The Joint–Stock Company Interregional Distributive Grid Company of Urals (IDGC of Urals) is a united operating company of the Urals region (Russia). The company transports energy using electric networks (0.4–110 kV) and provides technological connection to electric networks.

Project Overview

The purpose of the project is to automate the process of technological connection (TC) of companies and organizations to power networks.

The system of technological connection management (STCM) is implemented to meet the following challenges:

  • Raise business transparency for top managers and investors;
  • Increase efficiency and controllability of the processes of technological connection;
  • Provide exact correspondence with the branch and corporate regulatory documents;
  • Optimize employees performance and for that purpose to minimize manual operations and to avoid duplication of equitype operations;
  • Increase security, confidentiality, and integrity of joint information resources;
  • Minimize total cost of ownership (TCO) and terms of implementation with a possibility of further modifications and system functionality expansion.

The STCM allows for creation, storing, and tracking of the customer application and corresponding documents as well as for generation of management reports. The system automates the following business process of technological connection: a customer files an application for the technical connection, the IDG of Urals considers and approves the application, and connects the customer to the power networks. The business process comprises the following steps:

  1. Register a customer
  2. Review and approve customer requests
  3. Devise and finalize technical specifications and other documents
  4. Develop and finalize a contract
  5. Generate a statement
  6. Monitor technical connection implementation
  7. Generate a report.

The IBA–developed system is a WEB application where Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 is used as client software. Depending on a role of a user and his/her affiliation to a certain company division, the access rights are differentiated. The system meets the corporate security requirements.

Project Execution

Launched in 2009, the project was completed seven months later in 2010.

IBA suggested using the FileNet P8 as a platform for the STCM. FileNet is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that utilizes the most state–of–the–art approaches to business process automation, documents repository management, and integration into company's IT infrastructure based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

IBA was responsible for the entire project lifecycle, including analysis and development of requirement specifications, design, development, testing, implementation, maintenance, and staff training. Most of the work was done offshore in Minsk with limited onsite presence at the stage of requirement refinement, as well as the implementation and staff training stages.

The customer was granted a remote access to the development and testing FileNet environments to control the development process. TeamRoom served for joint work on documents. The Bug Tracking System for bug registering was also accessible remotely to the customer. Additionally, status calls with the customer were done through teleconferencing on a weekly basis.


SOA architecture

Platform: IBM FileNet P8 v4.5 including Content Engine, Process Engine, Application Engine IBM WAS, IBM DB2, Microsoft Active Directory 2003 Federated Repositories, 8 domains.

Integration with SAP and other information systems: Web services

Generation of documents and reports: XML Microsoft Office 2007

Development environment: IBM RAD v7.5.

Programming languages: Java, JSP, HTML, Java Script,

–Java jdk/jre 1.6, AJAX, Struts, Dojo, JSON, Web Services, MS Internet Explorer 8.0

–Library: POI 3.6

Project Results

IDGC of Urals optimized the work of its employees through:

  • Strict procedure of technical connection
  • Optimized procedures for the exchange and coordination of information
  • Automation of report generation.

IDGC of Urals was able to improve service quality and shorten client waiting time. The customer also cut maintenance expenses for client workstations and received a scalable application with possibilities for further expansion. The customer expressed satisfaction with the IBA's expertise and dedication. Andrey Suslov, Head of IT Department at IDGC of Urals, said:Implementing the project, the IBA experts showed comprehensive knowledge of the IBM FileNet platform and sound experience in the implementation of electronic document management systems. Within beta testing of the system, IBA conducted training of business users and IT specialists of our company.”

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