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Asset Walker user manual

IBA Asset Walker is designed for the automated monitoring and efficient management of enterprise assets using mobile devices. Assets are buildings, networks, equipment, equipment parts, facilities, inventory, transport vehicles, and other resources or items of economic value owned by an individual or a company.

IBA Asset Walker is aimed at optimizing the processes of inspection and asset accounting due to the following factors:

  • Prompt receipt of critical information about the availability and current state of assets
  • Implementation of a unique identification system that allows for pinpointing a location of inspection personnel
  • Effective control of the work execution.

IBA Asset Walker is easily integrated with ERP and EAM systems thus providing a comprehensive package of asset management. The data are retrieved quickly and on time. Using the system, a company is able to make competent managerial decisions in compliance with its business strategy.

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  • Reliable information about asset state and availability
  • Effective management of remote staff
  • Security control
  • Data for subsequent analysis.


  • Online/offline management of inspections
  • Unified asset inventory
  • Multi–lingual support
  • Secure data transmission
  • Dynamic assignment of roles/functions
  • Integration with ERP/ EAM / diagnostic systems.

IBA Asset Walker Structure

 Asset inspector/service engineer

  • Receives assignment
  • Arrives at the first point of inspection route
  • Scans parameters/makes photos of assets
  • Marks assets as inspected
  • Moves along inspection route
  • Reports about defective assets.

Area manager/team lead

  • Assigns asset inspector to specific inspection/route
  • Assigns access rights to employees based on roles
  • Controls inspection process
  • Locates asset inspectors using GPS/NFC/QR/line barcodes
  • Retrieves detailed information about remote assets
  • Provides technical information to remote teams
  • Views history of inspector actions
  • Maintains asset inventory
  • Notifies stakeholders about asset problems.

 Operation modes

  • Online
  • Offline

Data protection

  • Secure data transmission channels
  • Data encryption on mobile devices

Server part

  • 100% web interface

Mobile platform

  • Android
  • Adapted for tablets and smartphones
Asset CardInspection Card

IBA Asset Walker screenshot

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution

Built on IBM Maximo, the IBA's Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution is designed for management of different enterprise assets, including production, transport, infrastructure, utility, realty, and IT assets.


IBM Maximo is a leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) product aimed to improve management efficiency of physical assets and services at an enterprise. Using IBM Maximo, CEOs, top executives, employees of tech support divisions, and other stakeholders are able to:

  • Monitor and control operation of all assets “from the inside”, including functioning of equipment and key systems
  • Receive consolidated data from remote divisions, breaking these down by asset, spare part or material, as well as analyze and improve business performance.
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Key Features

  • Enterprise asset management. Maintaining a registry of enterprise assets. Maintaining an inventory of technical documents, history, hierarchy, and status data
  • Management and planning of preventive actions and repairs
  • Management of supply of materials, spare parts, and instruments
  • Management of warehouse stocks
  • Management of service and repair personnel
  • Management of supplier relations
  • Logging and storing of information on expenses in different breakdowns
  • Generation of standard and ad hoc reports
  • Integration with other business applications

An additional feature is the IBA–developed geoMarker designed for visualization of business objects. Assets, tasks, requests, and other objects can be shown on Google Maps and navigation between a map and an object can provide easy access to the needed data.

IAS Navigator

Enhancement to IBM Maximo

Download for free and get it running within seconds!

IAS Navigator user manual

 Ready for Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure: Validated by IBM

The Item Assembly Structure (IAS) Navigator is an IBA solution based on the native IBM Maximo platform. Successfully validated by IBM, the IBA solution meets the IBM integration criteria for Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure solutions.

IAS Navigator is designed for navigation and accelerated search of items and their descriptions based on the graphical presentation of the assembly structure. 

IAS Navigator provides a mechanism to match a graphic drawing of a device and its elements with information about them in the database.

Using IAS Navigator, it is possible to add a picture of an assembly or device, connect it to the inventory database, and navigate easily between different parts of the device structure.

IAS Navigator is an enhancement of the standard IBM Maximo applications that offer a table with a list of integrated items. If a device consists of numerous elements, the navigation through its units causes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, we offer you a solution that makes your work easier and more efficient. 

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  • Shows decomposition of complex structures
  • Highlights or marks items in complex structures
  • Provides basic information about items by clicking relevant images on the assembly drawing.


  • Accelerated item search leveraged by Item Assembly Structure visualization
  • Reduced Work Order handling time by fast transfer of the required items to Work Order.

Technical Requirements

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 or above
  • IBM Tivoli Process Automation Engine or above
  • IBM Maximo Asset Management Package or above.

Sample Scenario

  • As the cursor points to an area, the area is highlighted. Clicking an Item in the assembly structure displays the details of the chosen Item.
  • As the cursor moves from one area to another, the focus moves from the initial area to a new area and the new area is highlighted.


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