APPULSE is a centralized support platform for business applications that run on z/OS servers. Designed for Level 1 and Level 2 support, APPULSE provides uninterrupted operation of critical business applications, resulting from proactive problem identification and resolution. 

Using APPULSE, you can:

  • Digitize, accumulate, and share experience of your support team
  • Monitor distributed business applications from one entry point
  • Reuse previous solutions to resolve similar problems
  • Identify and classify operational problems in business applications at an early stage
  • Automatically create and assign tickets on problems for relevant support
  • Assess how a problem may impact your business.

All this is possible with APPULSE, a centralized support platform that provides business continuity for z/OS applications.


  • Centralized support platform for users (L1/L2 Support), business applications, z/OS servers, LPARs, and subsystems
  • Flexibly configurable monitoring for operational problems in critical z/OS subsystems, including IMS, CICS, DB2, MQ, TWSz, and NetView FTP
  • Problem management, including
  • Automatic creation and assignment (Jira, Redmine, RTC, Gitlab, and Youtrack)
  • Mail and messenger notification (Slack, Telegram, and Viber)
  • Chat creation (Slack and Sametime)
  • Constant status feedback and prioritizing
  • AI module for solution generation with an option to execute on z/OS server
  • Business impact information
  • Easy mainframe business application support without using 3270 session
  • No need to install additional software on z/OS server.

APPULSE FeaturesAPPULSE Features


  • Business continuity due to early problem detection and resolution
  • Easy mainframe application support, using an AI platform for solution generation and execution
  • Increased performance of support teams through redirection of efforts from routine tasks to transformation projects.
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