Case Studies

IBA Group has rich experience in managing and implementing complex IT projects. Our traditions go back to the days when first IBM mainframes came to life. The IBA team is composed of gray-haired gurus and young developers, which results in a unique synergy of experience and innovation. Migration of legacy systems to advanced computer platforms is a key area of focus for the company. For many of our clients, such migration serves as a transformation vehicle to address new opportunities. In addition, IBA Group performs software development, maintenance, and 24x7 support.

IBA Group works with leading clients in financial, railway, telecommunication, manufacturing, healthcare, trade, and public sectors. We use our experience in IT technologies complemented by vertical industry expertise to provide customers with integrated solutions that improve their bottom line.

Click on the buttons below to see our case studies broken down by industry. These case studies show how different clients in different business areas use our services to improve the efficiency of their business.   


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