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Mainframe Software

  • 40+ years experience
  • IBM-certified specialists
  • Different systems and technologies
  • IBM Gold Business Partner
  • Top IBM System z Partner
  • System z courses at IBA Institute

IBA Group has special expertise in mainframe software development, both system and applied, and in legacy systems migration. The expertise comes from the unique experience of our developers whose background includes system and application development for IBM mainframes and other computer platforms.

IBM mainframeOur traditions go back to the days when first IBM mainframes came to life. The IBA team is composed of gray–haired gurus and young developers, which results in a unique synergy of experience and innovation. Almost 30 percent of IBA IT professionals are engaged in mainframe systems and applications development and support.

Migration of legacy systems to advanced computer platforms is a key area of focus for the company. For many of our clients, such migration serves as a transformation vehicle to address new opportunities.

IBA Group has extensive experience in the development, maintenance and support of system and applied software on all IBM platforms (System z, System p, System i, and System x), as well as on Sun SPARC. IBM has appointed IBA as an IBM Gold Business Partner.

 Our mainframe services include:

Mainframe Systems

  • Installation of OS/390, z/OS, VM/ESA, z/VM, and Linux operating systems
  • Maintenance of OS/390, z/OS, z/OS.e, VM/ESA, z/VM, and Linux on System z
  • System administration on USS (MVS Open Edition) systems
  • CICS, DB2, MQSeries, IMS, DFSMS, and RACF administration
  • Middleware maintenance and support (ECMVS, RMM)
  • Customization and optimization of systems
  • Remote operating system maintenance and support
  • System and DASD performance measurement
  • End user training

Mainframe Applications

  • Development, enhancement and maintenance of business applications
  • Level 2 and 3 support and maintenance for application software
  • Migration of legacy applications to/from a mainframe environment
  • Integration of user application systems in a new environment
  • Adjusting of financial applications to EURO
  • Source code recovering tools
  • Localization of system and application software

Whether you are building mainframe applications from the ground up or migrating your current mainframe systems to a new environment, we can help. Our experience allows us to bridge the  gap between old and new technologies, the result being practical business tools that help you  move your business forward.

See also just a few of mainframe projects implemented by IBA Group:

PC Essentials Global Supply
Software Development and Support for Insurance Company
Data Management System Development and Support
HR/Payroll System

Business Process Management

IBA Group provides IT services and solutions that improve business effectiveness of its customers. Optimized business processes result in higher performance, and contribute to cost reduction, and grounded decision–making in a complex and ever changing environment.

Platform Expertise

  • IBM BPM Standard/Advanced Edition
  • IBM Process Designer/Integration Designer
  • Cordys
  • Bonita Open Solution
  • Activiti
  • jBPM

Industry Expertise

  • Transport & Logistics
  • Banking & Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance & Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • IT   
IBA BPM Industry Experience


  • BPM systems architecture
  • Business modeling
  • Analytical modeling
  • Creation of execution models
  • Consulting and audit
  • Performance tuning and improvement
  • Problem resolution and maintenance
  • User interface design
  • Customer training and education
BPM Services

See the key BPM projects implemented by IBA Group , including Document Management System for Small Business, Issue Resolution Audit, and Contracting and Commercial Operations.

IBA Services & Solutions based on IBM Content Foundation (FileNet)

  • FileNet since 2008
  • Certified FileNet specialists
  • IBM FileNet Reseller
  • IBM FileNet Service Provider

IBA implements workflow, enterprise content management, and business process management systems using IBM FileNet. 

IBM FileNet is an effective software platform and toolkit designed for creation and deployment of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), and workflow applications. The FileNet P8 platform consists of numerous ECM/BPM/Workflow modules, including: IBM FileNet Business Process Manager, IBM FileNet Content Manager, IBM FileNet Image Manager, Web Content Manager, IBM FileNet Records Manager.

IBM FileNet is built on Service–Oriented Architecture (SOA) that uses the capabilities of Java EE, XML and web services. IBM FileNet consists of integrated software components, web applications, and APIs, including developer web service interface.

See also:

IBM FileNet-Based Electronic Document Management Solution

Chancellor, IBA Electronic Document Management (EDM) System

FileNet System for Power Engineering Giant

Foreign Currency Transactions Repository

IBM Notes Development

IBA Group has a long-term experience in the development, deployment, and maintenance of IBM Notes applications. We offer IBM Notes development covering the entire project lifecycle, from business analysis and implementation to installation and support. IBA Group has a broad array of experience in the creation of workflow management systems, internet/intranet applications, enterprise management systems, hardware–dependent and embedded systems, Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) mappings, and system integration.

  • 20 years experience
  • IBM Notes & Domino Reseller
  • IBM Notes & Domino Service Provider
  • IBM Mail Onboarding Partner
  • IBA Chancellor EDM product.

In many cases, we can offer ready–to–use solutions successfully deployed at IBA Group or Eastern European enterprises. Using IBM Notes and Domino family, we have connected several remote offices in a single information network. Each user can access corporate information resources from his/her workstation to complete a business trip form, request current document versions, or apply for hardware installation /maintenance, training or data. More than fifty applications and databases of the IBA's corporate information system are now actively used.

A corporate information system built on IBM Notes and Domino provides the following features:

  • Management of business processes
  • Management of information flows
  • Workflow management
  • Management of groupware information resources

In addition, it supports:

  • Communication services
  • Multi–level information security
  • Integration and scalability.

IBA Group offers solutions in the following areas:

  • Content management
  • Team collaborative applications
  • Human capital management
  • Order management
  • Project and portfolio management
  • Production planning
  • Inventory management
  • Manufacturing
  • Problem management
  • Marketing
  • Customer service
  • Sales.

IBM Notes projects implemented by IBA Group by industry and function

IBA Experience in IBM Notes

IBA Group renders a complete array of services that include research and analysis of the customer workflow, design and development of a corporate information system and its integration with other information resources of our customer, as well as installation, deployment, maintenance, and update. Using IBM Notes technologies, we create collaborative information systems for our customers.

Read about just a few of projects and solutions implemented by IBA Group based on IBM Notes & Domino:

Lotus Notes Administrative Tasks

Lotus Notes Global Inventory

IBA Chancellor solution based on IBM Notes technologies

IBA Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure Services and Solutions

IBM Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure (C&SI), previously known as IBM Tivoli, is a unified platform of software products designed for automation of asset management, and availability and performance of infrastructure, applications, and business services. The automation raises management efficiency through cost reduction, error elimination, and increased stability of business processes.

  • First TIvoli project: 1995
  • IBM Certified Solution Advisors
  • IBM Certified Deployment Professionals.

IBA Group offers C&SI–based solutions on technical support, integrated network infrastructure management, monitoring and control of datacenter ecosystems, and other solutions on asset, resource, and service management.

IBM Tivoli Accredited Business Partner

Being an IBM Gold Business Partner, IBA Group earned the IBM Tivoli Business Partner Accreditation.

Within the Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure Accreditation Program, IBA is appointed as IBM Tivoli Accredited Business Partner for Tivoli Storage Manager — Bronze.

IBA Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure Services

Using IBM C&SI products, IBA Group implements outsourcing projects and offers proprietary business solutions. IBA Group provides a complete range of services in IBM C&SI, including

  • Customization of IBM Maximo. Expansion of functionality, including development of Maximo adds–on
  • Virtualization of IT infrastructure (cloud solutions and ITIL) designed to manage a multitude of virtual resources as a single unit
  • EAM systems that allow for cutting service and repair costs, and logistic expenses
  • OSS systems that perform fault management across the entire network structure.

In addition, IBA Group offers a variety of services in the implementation of IBM C&SI products. These are:

  • Consulting
  • Audit
  • Design and implementation
  • Implementation
  • Integration with other IT systems and across different platforms
  • Problem resolution and maintenance
  • User and customer training and education.

IBA Solutions Based on C&SI Service Management Products

  • IT Infrastructure Technical Support System
  • Hardware Support and Fault Management System
  • Network Infrastructure Management Suite
  • Resource and Asset Management System for IBA Service Center
  • EAM Solution Based on IBM Maximo
  • Hardware and Software Inventory System
  • IBA Cloud Solution.

Training and Education

IBA Group can offer a set of C&SI–focused IBM–authorized courses at IBA Institute (former IBA Training Center). Utilizing a virtual demo stand, IBA specialists show different scenarios and potential solution prototypes based on C&SI products in real time mode.

Customer Benefits

IBA Group offers solutions that help businesses grow with reliable, scalable, and secure IT management. All the solutions are modular and highly scalable. As a result, a customer can begin with one or two categories of a solution or even with individual products of a category and then expand the functionality step–by–step, adding more objects, resources and processes.

Using IBM C&SI products, IBA Group assists clients in designing, building, and managing a dynamic infrastructure that enables them to improve performance, reduce costs and manage risks.


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