IBA Mobile Expertise

  • Mobile apps on all mobile platforms
  • Enterprise mobile solutions
  • Integration with server backend
  • Full cycle development and support
  • iOS Developer Program Company
  • iOS Developer Enterprise Program.

Mobile technologies are a new generation of innovations in the corporate IT. A mobile application is not limited to a simple transfer of information from a notebook screen to a smartphone screen. It is primarily an extension of the company's IT infrastructure with the use of native capabilities of mobile devices, including work with geo location systems and use of an inbuilt photo camera, sound recording, voice processing, and handwritten notes, as well as offline work with data.

Our long–term experience in end–to–end Enterprise solutions complemented by solid expertise in mobile technologies enables IBA Group to provide to Enterprise customers efficient mobile solutions that meet real world business demands.

Platform Expertise

  • Apple iOS
  • Google Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Phone
  • Cross platform development (PhoneGap, SUP).

Enterprise Solutions (B2E, B2B, B2C)

  • Mobile Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
  • Mobile Corporate Information and Workflow system
  • Mobile banking and payments
  • Mobile client management (front office).

Technological Expertise

  • Integration with SAP, IBM FileNet, IBM Notes/Domino, IBM WebSphere
  • Data transmission security and sensitive data management
  • Sophisticated business logic implementation
  • Close integration with map services, embedded photo camera, and other native features
  • Mobile device management
  • Usability testing and implementation.


  • Mobile enterprise solutions development and consulting 
  • Enterprise business case analysis, mobile architecture development, and mobile enterprise integration 
  • Custom mobile application development: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 
  • Mobile application support 
  • Enterprise mobile infrastructure rollout and support 

Using mobile applications, a company can augment its IT infrastructure in a variety of ways:

Mobile Clients for Corporate Information and Workflow Systems

The issue of processing and approving of large–volume documents in modern business is becoming more and more acute. The expansion of information systems through the use of mobile applications is very instrumental in such situations.

Mobile workflow management

A mobile client is integrated and synchronized with a corporate information system that is for instance based on IBM FileNet or IBM Lotus Domino. The user can download to his or her mobile all documents that require reaction and work with them anywhere. It is possible to view the attached files or give comments, record audio or insert graphic comments, and add handwritten notes. In addition, a mobile client provides quick search across documents that are kept on the mobile device or server, allows users to mark documents as favorite, and provides quick access to them. The use of a mobile client jointly with the basic system accelerates and simplifies the process of group workflow and improves the efficiency and accuracy of management decisions.

Mobile search

IBA Group Success Story: Mobile Corporate Document Management System


Major Eastern European retailer


Mobile client for corporate DMS. Allows users to receive documents from DMS on mobile device and provides instruments to process them in online or offline modes.


  • Enables users to work with documents in online or offline modes
  • Supports user commentaries, including voice and typed commentaries
  • Supports PDF annotations as commentaries directly in document body
  • Advanced search mechanism both on mobile device and on server
  • Flexible support of business process changes.


  • Integration with IBM FileNet and IBM Lotus Domino backend applications
  • Mobile client for EDMS with more than 20K users
  • Embedded file viewer: MS Office, iWorks, PDF, RTF, and graphic
  • Digital signature support
  • Native iOS and Android development
  • User interface optimized for iPAD and Android tablets.

IBA Group Success Story: Mobile Information System


Telecommunication integrator


B2E application that provides simple way to look at a glance at Corporate Information System (CIS) and brings user to correct place in web application for more sophisticated operations.


  • Easy and fast way to see new, incoming, and overdue documents on mobile
  • Closely integrated with web–based application
  • Natively localized into several languages, including Arabic.


  • Integration with FileNet backend applications
  • RSA encryption for data transport
  • Legacy .NET web services mobile optimization
  • Native iOS and WP7 development.

Mobile clients for Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is specifically relevant for asset–intensive industries with a network infrastructure that includes pipelines, tunnels, roads, railroads, and electric grids.

The key feature of such solutions is close integration with map services. Using a mobile client, end users identify their current location and the location of the incoming requests. For requests, descriptive information is provided, a list of required tasks, and a list of attached assets.

Additionally, a request can contain related graphic marks on a map. For example, an air conditioner goes out of order at a big plant. A map will show to a service person the plant entrance, the route through the plant territory, the required actions, and the air conditioner's location. It is possible to update the marks using a mobile client and the changes will be synchronically reflected in the basic system. Using the application, one can also take a photo before and after the repair, and the application automatically links it to GPS coordinates. The employees that are assigned the role of master or head of the repair group can see on the mobile the location of repair crews and make efficient decisions in case of emergency. The application also displays statistics and diagrams.

Geo location Service request

IBA Group Success Story: Mobile Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)


Distributive grid company


Mobile client for EAM systems, allows users to access assets, tasks, and work orders on mobile devices. Provides instruments to improve efficiency and accuracy in everyday operations in scope of EAM.


  • Several business roles with different instruments and functionality
  • Integration with map applications: shows assets coordinates, tracks teams relocation, and allows to put graphical remarks right on the map
  • Supports photography and reads barcodes
  • Graphical visualization for statistics and KPIs.


  • Integration with SAP EAM, IBM Maximo or other EAM systems
  • Extensive interaction with native mobile features, including embedded photo camera and GPS
  • Native development for Android
  • User interface optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Improving client management

Mobile applications are indispensable when customer relations should be flexible, prompt, and efficient. IBA Group developed a solution for a major bank that set an ambitious goal to expand its customer base dramatically.

As a part of the program, a mobile application that was closely integrated with the bank's backend was developed. The mobile application allows bank employees when they are out of the office to sign up a customer, to make a photo of a customer, and to recognize the barcode on his or her ID. The newly created form is sent to the bank's server and is further processed and registered.

The following is a sample project that IBA Group implemented for a large bank in South Africa.

IBA Group Success Story: Mobile Client Management (front office)


Major African bank


The end–to–end mobile application that deals with customer and account origination was designed to improve employees' efficiency and to enable them to perform everyday operations when they are out of the office.


  • Out of the office operation (register new clients and work with the clients' accounts)
  • Expandable architecture (e.g. insurance policies can be added)
  • All functionality within one device, including reading barcodes and creating clients' photos.


  • Integration with bank's backend applications
  • JSON over HTTPS, providing secure and fast data transmission even over GPRS
  • Based on PhoneGap framework, it can run on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and other platforms.

Mobile payments and retail

If your application is installed on a smartphone of your customer, then news, offerings, and other data go directly to the end user's pocket. Isn't it what any retailer or service provider has dreamed of? Also, mobile payments through mobile internet banking are growing in popularity. A customer can make mobile payments and be updated on tariffs and services. A map is seamlessly integrated in the mobile client. The user can filter objects by distance and find the nearest ATMs or bank offices. Choosing an object, the user can view information about it, including street address, working hours, and the list of its services, as well as make a route from the current location to the selected object.

Mobile payment cards  Mobile payment


IBA Group Success Story: Mobile Banking and Payments


Set of Belarusian banks


B2C mobile client that brings all bank services to clients' smartphones and tablets. Provides advanced way to establish two–way communication channels between Bank and Client.


  • Enables everyday account and payment operations on smartphone or tablet
  • Delivers important banking information and banking services (e.g. currency calculator, credit calculator) directly to mobile devices
  • Identifies nearest bank's ATM or branch office
  • Allows clients to participate in surveys and complete different forms directly on mobile.


  • Extensive security mechanisms
  • Easy integration with existing banking services
  • Customizable UI
  • Native iOS and Android development.

Undoubtedly, mobile devices not only grant indisputable benefits, but also bring about new challenges. In terms of security, integrated solutions are needed that ensure protected data transport, reliable data encryption, special mechanisms to control vulnerable data, and management of mobile devices based on centralized practices. The task is solvable, all the more that the mobile revolution in the business sector is inevitable and is already underway.

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