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IBA and Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) have been partners since 2006. Being a world leader in Product Lifecycle Management software solutions, PTC developed a Product Development System (PDS) and refined it over its 25+ year cooperation with best–in–class discrete manufacturers. PTC's Product Development System is a production–proven solution that offers a complete footprint of capabilities needed to optimize the core processes of product development. Built on a single, integral platform, PTC's PDS is internet–based for global access, interoperable with other systems, and provides out–of–the–box functionality. Each component can work separately, or for better process optimization as an integral system. This flexibility enables companies to adopt components on an as–needed basis, or as a comprehensive solution to achieve greater value.

PDS includes the following key subsystems:

  • Windchill, a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software to manage product content and processes
  • Creo (Pro/ENGINEER), a comprehensive high–end scalable system of computer–aided design, engineering, and manufacturing (CAD/CAM/CAE) that uses 3D technologies
  • Arbortext & IsoDraw, an end–to–end dynamic publishing solution to streamline company's processes of creation, management, and publication of technical information
  • Mathcad, a system to automate mathematic and engineering calculations.

IBA provides the following services in CAD/CAM/CAE and PDM/PLM systems:

  • Delivery of PTC software products:
    – Creo (Pro/ENGINEER)
    – Windchill including PDMLink, ProjectLink, and MPMLink
    – Arbortext
  • Installation and adaptation of PTC software adjusted to the specifics of a company or to local standards
  • Implementation and maintenance of CAD/CAM/CAE and PDM/PLM systems providing:
    – Product design automation
    – Data management (archiving), creating a single information space
    – Control of program/project/plan execution
    – Change management (notifications)
    – Configuration management
    – Automation of technological production preparation
  • Integration of PDM/PLM with ERP systems
  • Integration of CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM/PLM with existing IT systems
  • Windchill data migration
  • Development of the software to be integrated with PTC products
  • Implementation and maintenance of Arbortext Dynamic Publishing Software to support entire publication lifecycle from creation to distribution
  • Training and certification of customer personnel via PTC authorized courses at IBA Training Center or PTC University online courses
  • Consulting: analysis and optimization of existing business processes, substantiation reports on prospects for development and implementation of scientific, technical, organizational, and economic innovations with regard to the subject area and specific features of customer's business.
  • License renewal and technical support for PTC product users.

The IBA team that implements PTC–based projects is trained and certified by PTC.

Product Development and Manufacturing Solution

The IBA’s optimized product development solution built on Windchill PDM (Windchill Product Management) transfers all product data to a unified corporate information resource. Based on a powerful web structure, the solution integrates information from different sources, including private systems and legacy applications. 

The IBA’s solution creates a generic concept of a product, including different specifications (Bill of Materials or BOM) and efficiency criteria for the changes made in the product. Therefore, a unified source of product information accessible to all stakeholders is provided. Specialists of divisions involved in the development, manufacture, and maintenance of a product retrieve the required information on time and without the need to duplicate data in other information systems.

The Windchill PDM solution for the development and manufacture of products is an efficient groupware tool that improves coordination within a company and between companies and suppliers. As a result, companies are able to shorten time to market for innovative, client-oriented, and competitive products.

 IBA Product Development SolutionIBA Product Development Solution


Maintenance and Technical Support

For implementation and maintenance of PTC–based projects, IBA uses the Windchill technology of project management. From the project start, customer gains access to the system and receives updated information on the project state with a possibility to introduce changes and comments.

In 2009, IBA implemented the Windchill–based system Technical support 24x7 that enables users to access the IBA information database of PDM/PLM solutions using web interface and to find necessary information or to create technical requests for further processing by IBA experts.

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