Testing as a Service

As the quality of products is closely linked with the customer satisfaction, organizations are increasingly looking at testing as an integral part of successful product development. IBA Group offers Testing as a Service, either the full cycle of software testing or specific testing stages.

How it Works

Testing as a Service

At the first stage, IBA Group works closely with the customer to implement the following steps.

  1. Analyze requirements and business domain
  2. Develop requirements to the software quality
  3. Define key goals and objectives.

At the second stage, IBA Group defines the testing strategy.

  1. Identify the types of testing to be performed
  2. Prepare a proof of concept and specify test activities
  3. Define the types of documents to be created
  4. Estimate the amount of testing
  5. Outline test design techniques
  6. Define reporting metrics.

At the third stage, IBA Group prepares the testing itself.

  1. Select testing tools
  2. Prepare a test environment, including the deployment of a test management system
  3. Build a testing team
  4. Create relevant documents, including the testing strategy, testing plan, test cases, and check lists
  5. Design the tests.

The fourth stage comprises the processes of testing and reporting.

  1. Launch the tests
  2. Reporting.

Functional and Non-Functional Testing

Functional tests cover requirements to the system’s functionality, while non-functional deal with the system’s features. The main task of the functional testing is to confirm that the newly developed product has the full functionality required by the customer. Non-functional testing verifies, whether the product is reliable and stable, and checks the product’s look and feel, usability, and resilience.

Manual Testing

IBA Group covers all stages of manual testing, from planning and documenting to reporting. For each product, IBA Group applies a unique approach in testing, taking into account specific business and product characteristics. In addition, IBA Group offers usability testing to check user experience for the product and see how attractive it is for the customer.

Automated Testing

IBA Group implements automated testing to reduce time and cost, while improving the application’s quality. To this end, IBA Group develops an automated testing strategy, selects the relevant framework (or develops a new framework, if needed) and automation software, builds and maintains a test system, and interprets the test results.

The automated testing can also include performance testing with load, stress, soak (endurance), volume, and other tests. To test the performance, IBA Group analyzes the system's current state and performance potential. A suite of tests is developed and implemented to identify the bottlenecks. Based on the results, IBA Group introduces improvements and adjustments to the system. To monitor the system’s performance in different settings, the tests can be launched multiple times.

IBA Group stands out because we build testing processes in line with the customer’s business processes. Being independent of a development methodology (Agile/Waterfall), we use flexible processes and tailor our testing services to your specific needs. For IBA Group, the customer always comes first!

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