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Project Overview

The goal of the project was to develop a mobile solution that is closely connected with the corporate FileNet workflow system and allows for wireless interaction. The Mobile Application receives a document list from the application server, groups the documents in different Categories for a defined user, provides easy navigation between Categories, and incorporates a user–friendly Search facility.

The primary platform is iOS (iPhone and iPad). Web services are used as a data transport. Data privacy is ensured by a user authentication system. The Application provides data transaction security via RSA encryption. User interface is localized to support the Arabic language. The Application is configurable (e.g. the number of rows to display or refresh time values can be changed based on user requirements). Additionally, the Mobile Application is closely tied with the Web Application, enabling the user to navigate from any category in the Mobile Application to a corresponding category in the Web Application. The Safari web browser is utilized.

Project Execution

IBA implemented the project in close cooperation with the customer. The IBA responsibility was to form a team capable of achieving the project goals on time and with proper quality. In order to meet all customer requirements as close and accurate as possible, the project execution was split into several iterations. Each iteration resulted in an executable application that was delivered to the customer. The customer performed review and acceptance, and was able to adjust the further development of the application to guarantee that the final application fits all customer expectations. Scope creep was under proper control.

A bug tracking system was rolled out to allow the customer to raise bugs and track fixes during the application lifecycle. All unclear issues were discussed and the required fixes implemented.

The best industry practices were recommended to the customer and implemented in the application wherever possible.

Project Results

As a result of the project, the customer received a mobile application that complies with the initial requirements briefly described in the Project Overview section. The Mobile Application was built in accordance with the best industrial practices. The Application was developed strictly in line with the schedule, meeting all milestones and the final delivery date. The Mobile Application comes with a manual that explains how to install, configure and run the Application on end user devices. Walid Hijazi, Deputy Managing Director at EBLA Corp., said: “I was very satisfied with the services and professionalism provided for the pilot. I am looking to enhance the application and to continue work with other platforms”.

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